Hi. A few of us were talking about book clubs in chat and thought a book club might work in here. I was wondering if anyone would like to start a book club on this site. We can read a book a month and discuss the book in the forums. If anyone might be interested in forming this group, please let me know.   

Great idea, I suggest we take the first five or ten suggestions, and those who have made choice, vote on the one that they think would be good for a discussion. My suggestion is:

Vacationland by Susan Stonich (can be found in libraries). A collection of linked stories centered around Naledi, a fictive northern Minnesota fishing resort.
I haven't read that particular book. Rural Okie Man says he is interested as well. Maybe so more people will be.
I am interested in a book club also. I am not as well versed as some and have a tendency to be limited in my reading but it is a pleasure I do enjoy. Anything I can do to help please let me know.
A good book beats television and movies a 1000 to 1
Hi, I have heard of book clubs but never joined one would love to have ago, would that be ok ?  
Sure morton1. What a book club does is a pick a book to read then get together to discuss things about the book. Since we can't get together in real time, we can meet in here and pose questions about the book and answer and discuss them. 

It is a lot of fun in real time and should work on here as well. 
Hi, thanks it sounds like a great idea, how does the club decide on what kind of book to read? we all have different tastes. do we take turns on choosing a book ? 
We can all make a suggestion and vote or each make a choice taking turns each month.
Hi thanks for the information,  sounds good to me, how many members does it take to form a book club. looking forward to it, hope you get enough members to join  :D
This was tried in another site, it was successful, all were e books, there was a list on forum as to what book shall be read and discuss, I think there were 5 books to choose from and a variation, like Mystery, venture, science and so on. One of each would be posted.

Must remember if a person can get that book. One area of the world can't get it where as another place can, not everyone can get ebooks, so this has to be discuss on forum, make sure you choose two, so when you finish the one book, you will have the second to go onto, while reading that book, put up five books to choose from again.

This is only a suggestion, you can choose as many books to post and see what members would like. Choose your own rules, but the most important thing is .... To have fun.
After chatting with others, we are going to each nominate a book. We will all vote and then make sure everyone can get the book. After we have read book..or during if someone has a question about book or wants input...I will post book club questions and we will all answer until we have exhausted question. Sounds good?

My suggestion is Defending Jacob. And I have Apple's suggestion on list as well. I will tally votes next wednesday.

Sound interesting, I will see if I can get that book here. I perfer reading a real book, a book that can be hand held. :)
me too star
I am up for it! 
Sounds a great idea.
I agree a real book is best for me too, my son gave me a kindle and I do use it - he preloaded LOADS of the type of books I like, but authors I had not read. But if I forget a character who has been 'quiet' for a while I can't just flick back to remind myself. You also don't get that satisfaction-feel of seeing progress through a book.
Just googled that book  "Defending Jacob " it sounds very good, that book would interest me a lot. I would have to see if it can be bought over here or order it on line, even if another book is picked I still would read that one.  oh yes folks I can read  :lol: and am fast to  :D