I think some of it Sara is tecnology. What I have been hearing when I stop for coffee or a nice cool drink on my way home from shopping. I have the gift to read lips with some people.
Wives are to busy on the cell phones or looking something up the internet that the husband feel the lack of.

I find these in children lately, they come to me when I am walking home or going to, the one really concerns me, a little tite out riding his little bike maybe 3 years old, a started talking to me, then it's sibling in diapers come out to show me what is in it's hand, I look around for some responsible adult, no one to be seen, as I talk to these little ones as they seem to thrive on human connection. Then out of the corner of my eyes came a woman with a smart phone in her hands, she didn't seem to care to much about these kids talking to me, I told the little ones to go to mommy and show them what they got or can do, they did that and then return to me, it because Mom didn't say anything to them, she wasn't paying any attention to the little ones, who thrives on humanity.

I also find these in woman too, not just men that come in here seeking some sort of attention because they can't get it from their spouse.
Sometimes they look on the net looking for someone that they can share their life with, not to be aruging, or what ever... they tend to seek for what they need on the net, instead of finding ways to resolve their issues.
Most likely the new generation.