I started chatting with a fellow on line. I stated that I wanted to be just friends because it concerned me that he was 10 years older than me, but he seemed very nice. We spoke on the phone quite a few times, and I asked to meet, as friends, so I could put a face to my 'friend's' name. After meeting the man, we hit it off as friends. We talked for hours, he showed me his home, had we had a few drinks, and he gave me a peck on the cheek goodbye. I didn't feel the 'spark' that I thought was needed to continue seeing him, and I was just looking for a friend, anyways. I don't want to lead the man on, yet I want to see if I can develop romantic feelings for him. We still talk on the phone every day and share emails. We talk just a friends, and even talk about going on a short vacation together (going dutch, of course). He seems like a really nice guy, but it concerns me that I didn't feel the spark, and I think he is starting to want more. Do you think I can grow to 'want' him as a partner & lover in my life? I certainly wouldn't mind....he is such a nice person.
Why cant you just go with the flow & see how it pans out for you , sometimes you do get a spark or a flutter when meeting someone new , other times it grows , you already seem to be getting on well with him ... good luck :wink:
thx Jon :D

I think I will do just that.
slow1963 wrote: thx Jon :D

I think I will do just that.

Slow.....Trust yourself listen to your heart, spread your wings  and fly :-)
 ~statistics have shown that arranged marriages are just as  succesfull as the  " we met and fell in love type's ".it proves that complete strangers can become friends ,and friends can become lovers....and love can last a lifetime no matter how its arrived at :D .
Just a thought - also, sometimes even those meetings with a spark don't work out after all. What's to lose? I think you could go and have fun without promising to be his beloved 'til death us do part. Make it clear that friendship is first and let him know that you would like to get to know him. That is the way relationships should start, isn't it? If you go on holiday, make it separate rooms for sure. Again, this isn't promising anything except friendship and companionship. Good luck.