Beautifully said! 
Sexiness is an inner feeling we can express at any age, Sensuality to me is about communicating through word and action. As a man and a people watcher i find the older we get the more confidence we have about ourselves. Sexiness can be communicated by eye contact, body language, verbally, so who says we stop being sexy at 55. Rubbish. Like all positive traits, i believe age and experience enhances our ability to be sexy 
I know exactly how you feel. It's like all of a sudden I am invisible. No one acknowledges me as a woman anymore. I'm a co-worker, grandma, mother, etc. And, if they do recognize me as a woman, I get "cougar" remarks, like I should be ashamed in some way. We are sexual beings regardless of how old we are. Being sexy to me is about feeling good about myself; feeling confident and happy regardless of what others may think.
Cesles wrote: I don't dress in short mini skirts etc. ( my thighs aren't that great) but if I have a dress that shows a bit of cleavage i'm not scared to show it..... It's just that I find that alot of woman over 50 seem to become NUNS. I know that alot of people seem to think that it isn't right for someone over a certain age to do so. I may be older but i'm not dead. It isn't because we're elder than most that sexually goes out the window. Thats just my opinion...............

Yes i think its important to feel sexy to a woman no matter what her age ,tried to keep fit most of my life using the gym as much as i could,used to dance alot when i was younger so wore skimpy clothes then,dont wear them now,but like to show my figure off with low cut tops and figure hugging clothes why not worked hard to keep in shape not going to cover up because of my age makes me feel good.
I am 63 and still like to dress smart, though i now have toned down what i wear and what make up I wear, and I agree also that we may be getting on but we are not dead. To many woman hit a certain age and turn into old grannies just because they think thats what society says they should do.
Every one is a individual and should be able to dress or do what ever makes them happy.
We have 1 live so go out and enjoy it. lol
Hello All - I'm new to this site and picked up this forum. I so agree with Luckylucy. Ageing does take a bit of getting used to - male attention changes - not quite about 'turning heads' any more. At the same time, I do think women worry a bit too much ....I've been on quite a few first dates when I've spent ages thinking what to wear, getting ready etc, and the guy looked like he just got out of bed!!
Onward and upward - I'm sure none of the men on here would be like that.
Cesles wrote: Can we still be sexy after 55 ? Or does society look at us and think....GIVE IT UP Grandma. I still like to wear make-up, jewelery and sexy clothes. Does that make me an oddity because i'm 56? What do you think ?? Do people look at me and judge me ?? My motto is live and let live but I realise that most people tend to judge a book by its cover so...........

I think you can and should be who you want to be,what right has anyone to think badly about you based on appearance.first of all be yourself and be happy in the knowledge that you look good.
good lord YES!   you go girl! have fun with it. confidence is sexy. and we deserve every precious day that we feel it.
I am very new to this site....but this is a question that has to be commented on. Absolutely yes! A woman can be sexy at any age she wants to be. Sexy is many things...a woman's  face, smile , eyes, her hair, her soft feminine voice definitely her scent, and being a male....her body/figure. I do find it interesting that this is a friendship dating site and very few women have bothered to put up a complementary/sexy picture. 
At the risk of insulting a few members I will point out  a few ladies pictures that I would define as sexy.! very sexy! LuckyLucy, sexy, TrinityBellwood sophisticated and sexy, gogirlgo sexy...anyway I have to go for my annual physical this morning so more on this later...  
:D I'm glad to hear from all of you on this forum. And happy to know that alot of you say and know that we are not dead over 55.........thanks all
     I believe, but cannot verify, that it's about to be made unlawful according to page 327, paragraph 6 of the Omnibus Bill currently before the House (in Canada).
Women can most definitely be sexy at any age. Most hetero men from the time they reach puberty have a sense of what they define as sexy regarding members of the opposite sex. When we are very young we are drawn to T&A and a pretty face. As we mature we begin to appreciate a woman's smile, her eyes, her hair and to some degree the way she dresses and in my case her scent and the pheromones she emits. I believe we are discussing attracting members of the opposite sex here for Mating, Partnership, marriage etc, though I guess some men and women like the sexual attention without necessarily wanting actual physical results.

I am not sure that we males are ever sexy per se, but I will pass on some comments I have received over the years.
My wife's friends thought I was very sexy when I cooked them a dinner, cleaned up, made them an amazing desert and then disappeared after serving them all coffee and tea for their Ladies Night In.
Ladies thought I was sexy when I have been working outside shirtless doing yard work..even recently...go figure.
I have been told I know how to dress sexily when I am wearing my various black leather jackets and Blazers or business suits.
These are all examples of first impressions or "head turning" as one other member alluded to. Sustained sexiness is love, trust, friendship, desire, lust  and happiness...things we are all capable of giving and receiving at any age!

Probably even more so then when we were young. Someone being sexy has a completely different meaning as we age and I love it. It's deeper, more loving and respectful.
Graham1 wrote: Also while I believe many men like to look at slim models with hourglass figures, this is just a fantasy and they would really prefer a real woman who can be herself.

How refreshing Graham. I also believe many women like to look at studly models with six-packs, this is just fantasy as well and they too would really prefer a real man who can be himself.

I have been known to say "I'm build for comfort, not for speed." I believe I am more than the number on my waistband. :D Here's to real men and women.