gearhead wrote: Sexy is a state of mind.For me personaly A woman in a long summer dress and sandals has that wow factor.Mature women know what they want.They give as good as they get.One of the sexyest women I know is 69 yrs. Men are visual so if they see a little they are interested.

 I like your opinion that sex is a condition. I too think that it is some kind of sensuality, desire of love and tenderness. It is shown in a look, in movements, in a special smile and many other. It doesn't depend on age.
Sexy is a state of mind. If you feel like a loving, sexual woman you will project that regardless of your attire. But when it comes to the real deal don't forget intellect and humor! If you can laugh at the same things, all things will blossom -- cleavage or not!
you not seen sexy till you see me with rolled up trossers a string vest and a knotted hankie on my head when i paddle
Being sexy is a feeling. You can be sexy at any age. Do what makes you feel good (fashion, makeup, etc.) Be sincere... by being the real you! And a good sense of humor goes a long way. :)
yes we can be for sure. I don't find the sex drive diminishing at all and I am past menopause. I still feel sexy. I think it's the confidence that makes you look and feel sexy. Sexiness is just as much of the mind as of the body.
Whether it is possible to be sexual after 55 years? It is possible. And that here we try to express our opinion on sexuality is an affirmative answer, da on a question of sexuality existence after 55 years is. Even it seems to me, proceeding from my life experience that I became sexual after 55 years. Till 55 years all of us do not consciously. Now I seek to find harmony with the man in the relations based on love, only on love... because all we already have the rest also we are free from other thoughts and feelings. And this our advantage even.
Do we really need to have a discussion about this? Absolutely we can still be sexy after 55, 65 or even 75?

We are at that point in our lives and with societal changes that we can determine our lifestyle, define what type of relationship we want (yes there are classy ladies out there with boy-toys)....we are travelling on our own, running marathons and evening jumping out of airplanes....and definitely enjoying all that life has to offer.

So ladies .... rev up your engines and enjoy!
I hope we can still be sexy after 55 I am a little bit older than that, I say it's how you feel yourself not what others want you feel.  If you want to feel and look sexy where's the harm in it, there is no harm.  I say if you have got it flaunt it  :lol:
Absolutely! At least in my mind I'm still sexy. I may not even have it any longer, but I still flaunt it, lol
wolfie13 wrote: WELL.... from a humble Yorkshireman, what do i like in a lady, and what do i find sexy, attractive,
answer... Honesty, and when i see ladies over 50 doing exactly what they want to do and feeling confident doing it, i like that.
dressing up like a 20 or 30 year old doesnt do a thing for me, personally, i find the inner person very sexy, attractive, more than the outer shell.
im not saying dont wear war pai..erm make up, just dont like to see ladies cover up natural beauty, thats all !
after all, look at my mug.. how can i comment on looks lol
seriously though, it is far more attractive to see a lady being confident in herself, and not trying to impress others falsely, and thats all i have to say. please dont take any offence to my comments, its just my thoughts.. and after all, i am single lol (any logic in that last comment?)
  Absolutly said beautifully .! My thoughts exactly.
Well I can. Tho am pretty underwhelmed by people's interest in my 'proifile'. Maybe I should stand sideways!
what does age matter regardless of what you might want to do. if you feel up for it and still feel sexy then go for it. you wear make up and sexy clothes to be attractive to the opposite sex. be a shame for all that hard work to go to waste.
why wouldnt people be interested in you. you look nice for a start. maybe you shouldnt sell yourself short.
i think a lot of people forget what we mean by been sexy. its not all about how much skin you show or for that matter what you wear. to me its the smile that tells you shes interested in the first place . the way she walks and looks back over her shoulders. tossing her hair to one side away from her face . some say you have to look like a model or at least have that type of figure. another myth of how a women should look. some of the sexiest women ive ever met are well rounded and full of fun, and i might add over 50.
hello to all - i am rick and i must say as i get older i find women my age very sexy, i am not young anymore and women my age and older ,when i look at them all i see is how gorogius they are, when i look at oyunger women i just see how immature they are and how they do not even know what love really is , well thats my opion and it does not matter to me how ohter men see it, thank oyu for reading my veiw