Only the time can heal a heart, only the time can...  My partner also died from cancer. My heart was hurt, in pain and was broken, so much broken.  He was sick for 3 years.  I was there for him until the end.  It was very hard for me to see him in that situation.  I still miss him and tears still come into my eyes sometimes, he is still in my memory. The first day I learn he was sick, the first thing I asked God was to give me strong, He gave it to me though... Because I was strong all the way until the end.  I am very thankful... to survive at it... I had a lot of up and down the first year...  Just let the time heal you, I know how it hurts...  I know that pain inside who do not want to go away, and I also had all the same questions as you have...  Just take care of you, just remember he is fine now, he do not suffer anymore, he will be your angel now, he will protect you... just believe he is fine now and he is looking on you everyday...  Take a good care of you.  Everything will be okay for you with time... everything will be fine again one day....  My post will probablement do not help you at this moment but it is nice to know that we are not alone in this kind of situation ....  Live one day at the time, time will heal you....for sure. Chokko.
Hi Wings, I am so sorry to hear about your partner. My husband of 24 years passed away last April with the brain tumour. My heart was broken, still ache sometimes. I thought I will never be able to survive a day without him. I am coping. I didn’t believe when people are telling me that the time will heal, but it’s true it will. The first 2 months were the toughest part, and you need to be very strong and you need to take care of yourself. Your focus had been on him for a while when he was sick, now you need to move the focus on yourself. Try to be very nice and gentle to yourself. Hope talking with people here will ease your pain a little bit. The path you are on is lonely, but you will never be alone. We are here to help you going through the toughest time as much as we could.
wings58 wrote: my sweety passed away the 5th of this month

Dear Wings,
I am so sorry to hear about your beloved husband.
I lost my husband to cancer 3 years ago. the 1st and 2nd year I felt I couldn't move. I also wanted everyone and everything to STOP around me.
Now at the 3rd year I realize he is out of pain and in a better place. I feel him around me at times.
You are in my thoughts and you will get through this, even though you feel you may not want to, as I did.
Take care of yourself, cry when you need to, and be kind to yourself.
My sister who is four years younger than me goes through all the steps of cancer treatment. Today she's given the 8th chemotherapy and two months ago she had her breast removed because of tumour there. It occured some tumours there. She still has some metastasis to the liver which can't be operated. She doesn't want to talk about her illness and tries to help herself through drinking herbs and dieting not to feed the cancer. So I understand your feelings.
Love and prayers for your peace and comfort from a stage 3b cancer patient in Pennsylvania

I have  beaten 3 cancers in  two years  so chin up!

I lived 39 years south of  quakertown but only passed  near it  going up to poconos

do u know  realhelena  in chat  from  doylestown? one  slice  short of  a  pizza lol

I had a   friend  named paul smith  lived in richland  which i think is  near  quakertown? 

I left montgomery- bucks  county  region  some  20 years ago   for europe/asia   now  last 9 years  near san francisco