CarrieB wrote: Now your really trying to insult me

You don't need any help from me, Daisy :lol:
It is with a sense of relief that I've endured one week with the kittens. It was a close call, believe me! But now they know me, life is much simpler. But expensive; food shopping includes cat food, cat litter, cat treats, cat this cat that and an entire paraphernalia of cat-cliches. Never mind, one more week and they go home. At first I was afraid, then I was petrified, but I survived!
"endured"?? You've loved every minute of it... :roll:
Sara2101 wrote: "endured"?? You've loved every minute of it... :roll:

I feel sorry for the cats! :lol:
Sara2101 wrote: "endured"?? You've loved every minute of it... :roll:

They're great little cats, and at this moment are busy doing the Times crossword puzzle for me. :lol:
I have discovered the trick to making friends with the kittens. The magic is in a packet of Blink bangers and mash cat treats. When Shiva and Loki hear the packet rustle as I shake and then open it, they run to me and are attentive and eager to devour the treats I offer. Once the packet is closed, however they disappear and it's like I don't exist.It's a steep learning curve and requires patience. :lol:
If you have cats I can recommend Lick e Lix creamy treats. The kittens are mad for them. I bought Chicken flavour today. They look danged tasty!