Must 'a been a Solar Flare.
Or maybe a Gamma Ray burst from a Galaxy, far away.
the chat is ok from our other websites .com, .ca and .ie Its just not accessible from site

This is a trap many amateur web site designers fall into and I used such examples when illustrating to my students how NOT to do it. Too many portals to one website is simply asking for trouble.

Occam's razor lex parsimoniae: the unnecessary multiplication of entities

Are you saying that the problem in solving this complex matter of should be treated as a simple matter rather than looking at a complex remedy ?

It's a very simple matter, and Graham has already suggested a simple remedy.
Not to me - he totally ignores me
Cerberus says a simple remedy

The OED meaning of remedy "a means of dealing with something undesirable"

Dealing ?????

The OED meaning of remedy "a means of dealing with something undesirable"

Dealing ?????
I have no need

Just to clarify the present position, the only part of the club which is not working is the access to the chatroom from the website so it is suggested that UK members who wish to chat should log in via the .ie, .ca or .com websites until the problem is fixed.
dodgerw wrote: Not to me - he totally ignores me

See my comment on 10th March re- .com site. (I do not ignore anyone! :D )
I'm on the .com site now. Looks exactly like the site, works the same and you can get in chat.
Can't really see what the problem is. Unless I'm missing something.
Actually I rephrase that. I can't get in chat. It generates a Error 404
Oh well there was light for a moment
Think it's just a bit hit and miss. Sometimes I get in and sometimes I get the 404 error....
Hi I'm using a tablet and when I try to enter chat I get a blue screen with 123 chat and welcome written on it then nothing else happens at all? I'm not sure what to make of it or what to do ?
Just adds to the total confusion which seems to be beyond the realms of the owners