My favourite recipe is quick, healthy and tasty!
You need cooked cooled new potatoes(for 2 about 4/5 medium size)
2 eggs
grated cheese
2 spring onions
fresh dill

Slice cooked potatoes and cook in small non-stick pan in olive oil for about 7/8 minutes until starting to brown.
Beat eggs and add chopped spring onions and chopped dill. Stir well.
Pour egg mixture on to potatoes and add good handful of grated cheese
Cook for a further 7/8 minutes until top is set
Then finish off under a grill for 2/3 minutes to brown.
Serve with a tossed salad(I prefer caesar)
Hmm sounds delicious!
Sound yummy Graham.. I will try this. Thanks for sharing....Kathy :wink:
sounds great going to try it thanks :lol: