We are creatures of free will. How much of our lives do you think are determined by free will and how much a part of our lives does fate play?
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Another interesting topic ! Time immemorial, Destiny versus Choice have been debated by world Philosophers , and yet some of the books I have read doesn't give me a definitive answer.
Only, they explore in many details: religion, history, science, astrology, even to the point of paranormal and reincarnation events. It only confuses me , however I don't want to steer myself into that direction.
I believed in Free Will..... free to choose and to decide what I like and what I want. You're asking me , how much ?? It's hard to quantify , but I can assure you I never run out of choices! I do a lot of Decision Making at work since I'm dealing with human lives .
This subject of Choice over Destiny gets confounded perhaps because some of us use the word incorrectly or understand it differently. Choice and Destiny are antipodes.
In Free Will , I have the moral responsibility and take ownership of my own actions. I understand however and accept the fact that some events arrive to me often without me having nothing to say . BUT...... having said that, my job is to DECIDE , to CHOOSE how to deal and respond to them.

On the other hand .... in DESTINY there is NO CHOICE, there is nothing random because by definition Destiny is pre-ordained. It is a matter of Faith not a matter of Choice. I have a hard time accepting the word Destiny because its only a matter of faith, it cannot be proven it cannot be foretold. I don't want my road to end here.
Sorry I have to go...... I'm going " Cherry Picking." :D :D :D
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Yes, faith, how do we really know what faith had to do with our lives? I mean ca :? n we see it?
Can we hear it? It would be nice to think there is a higher power watching over us and would they really
Help or teach us? Even cause bad luck orvgoid luck?
Well, we have choices we make them daily,,,,getting up or not, eating or skipping, :!: what about working or living without things etc
I could go on about choices,,,,,but when something we don't expect happens we do call it faith or something like that?
Choice is you're the one is the responsible of the outcomes of your life..while Destiny is the result of your life with God's grace in accordance to the way of your living.
Peace to everyone..love to be here and sharing my thoughts,beliefs,wisdom and faith to all of you.