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Postby heyjk60 » 11.09.2017, 4:08

We are creatures of free will. How much of our lives do you think are determined by free will and how much a part of our lives does fate play?
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Postby Mariposa61 » 12.09.2017, 16:51

Hi heyjk60 !

Another interesting topic ! Time immemorial, Destiny versus Choice have been debated by world Philosophers , and yet some of the books I have read doesn't give me a definitive answer.
Only, they explore in many details: religion, history, science, astrology, even to the point of paranormal and reincarnation events. It only confuses me , however I don't want to steer myself into that direction.
I believed in Free Will..... free to choose and to decide what I like and what I want. You're asking me , how much ?? It's hard to quantify , but I can assure you I never run out of choices! I do a lot of Decision Making at work since I'm dealing with human lives .
This subject of Choice over Destiny gets confounded perhaps because some of us use the word incorrectly or understand it differently. Choice and Destiny are antipodes.
In Free Will , I have the moral responsibility and take ownership of my own actions. I understand however and accept the fact that some events arrive to me often without me having nothing to say . BUT...... having said that, my job is to DECIDE , to CHOOSE how to deal and respond to them.

On the other hand .... in DESTINY there is NO CHOICE, there is nothing random because by definition Destiny is pre-ordained. It is a matter of Faith not a matter of Choice. I have a hard time accepting the word Destiny because its only a matter of faith, it cannot be proven it cannot be foretold. I don't want my road to end here.
Sorry I have to go...... I'm going " Cherry Picking." :D :D :D
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