If you have hereditary high cholesterol you have to take statins no matter how sick it makes you. OR, take your chances. 
For my next trick, I'm going to try coconut oil. Because it is about even for and against I'm taking precautions.  First I'll test my triglycerides to get a base line, and my cholesterol for a base line so I can tell if they go up or down. My machine also will do blood sugar but I don't have the strips for that. I have a different machine for that.
I had an echocardiogram too, there is nothing the matter with my heart. I'm doing this to prevent the possibility.  
I'll admit cholesterol is not the only reason for strokes and aneurisms. Excess calcium can cause blockages too. But this thread is about cholesterol.
For those not Canadian. 7.4 is a very high number and 3 is normal. with a preferred ratio  of less than  2-1. Other countries have a different measuring system. 

Since we keep getting off the subject here is an interesting fact. I have Neuropathy which is normally caused by diabetes, yes I will admit diabetes is number one cause for many other diseases. Infection is probably a close running mate. Both have major affects on the immune system.

No one else in my family has Neuropathy or Sjogrens or Arthritis, but no one has chronic staph infection or the cellulites that goes with it. Obesity seems to be what they have. No diabetes in my family either. Despite the fact one of my medications causes it. 

You do not have to be obese or even overweight to have high cholesterol, but it doesn't help.

Six month ago (approx) I went to the ER with atrial fibrillation. They increased my beta blocker is all. They also found at the time I had very high cholesterol. They did not say start statins (the specialist) 
That was my personal doctors idea. Since changing diet my dosage of beta blocker has dropped considerably. Not enough to get off it. YET!  Electrolyte's  are normal, iron levels are normal and A1C is normal. First time in years. Yes this is a good feeling and I have energy.

I have no intention of going vegan  I have vegan friends with high cholesterol, but I find I do like some of the food. Lucky for me too is that I like high fibre foods. 
I have not gone wheat or dairy free, but have cut back. Nor have I cut out meat, just reduced it a lot. I would replace even more with fish if it was more available. Other than zinc and calcium I take no supplements anymore.
Oh and there is no cholesterol in dark chocolate you can eat it. Which I do. 
Well according to Dr Google statins can cause neuropathy. If he is right then another reason not to do them. I don't trust him though so test everything. Like coconut oil. Now all of a sudden it is good for you, but only the oil from specific age coconuts. The rest is only fit for fuel. Which it is used for. 
So I checked my triglyceride level and proceeded to make cookies with coconut oil. Although it has no cholesterol it is 95% saturated fat which your liver can make into cholesterol. Dairy cows do this very efficiently. But I can also convert fat to energy so can in fact use it. In limited quantity so my main oil is still olive. But coconut oil has some other things that are of value. It has caprylic acid, an anti microbial that kills Candida. This I know because I used to buy it in capsules. Candida in your stomach or blood or lungs, where men get it usually is very debilitating mimicking chronic fatigue. 
So here I go, I'll use coconut oil and retest my triglyceride level in a week. I'll also retest my cholesterol level. Because I don't trust Dr Google explicitly.  
My main reason for not doing statins is because in me they cause muscle pain and headaches. It may be they just stimulate  my neuropathy. They may be fine for others. To me though it seems to much like replacing sugar with aspartame, a known carcinogenic. Fortifying foods with statins seems like a bad idea to me. But then a lot of things the food industry do seem like bad ideas to me. 
Very interesting, neuropathy started way before the drug. :) even way before diabetes, I had these pains in my younger years.

triglyceride level can only be tested at the lab, upon doctor request. Just like your A1 blood test. Tests are done about every three months. :)

It is a good idea to study on what food intake work and don't work, not everyone is the same, so for example, one trip to the grocery store I will buy romaine lettuce and then the next time I need lettuce, it would be leaf lettuce as they have different food value.

The more study science make and discover the pros and cons, we learn more :)



I have known that coconut oil is good for you for years, it also good for BM.
No Star, my machine does triglycerides by changing the chip and strips. It still uses a drop of blood. I have the chips and strips for cholesterol and triglycerides. It will also do blood sugar with the chip and strips for it but don't have them, it is made by Prima from Italy. 
If you are interested, my Triglycerides are 1.6 . I get both cholesterol and triglycerides checked by the lab every three months. The numbers mirror the machine almost exactly. 
I still prefer olive oil to coconut oil. 
It would appear I have had neuropathy for four years with it slowly getting worse. If you look at the video on it, that is me exactly except I'm worse. I do not balance well without a cane outside of the house.  Yet I still manage by being careful and sitting to do things when I can. 
It can be a nuisance or it can be very painful. My trigger is TMD from arthritis and infection in my jaw. 
Morphine does help.  
Wow Dav, you are doing good, most people can't even use a cane. Keep up the good work as you are doing real well.

Iike I said, home reading isn't accurate, so this is why blood work at the lab every three months, it will let the doctor know what the average is.
There is a difference in type of Neuropathy and I'm very lucky mine is not diabetic. Diabetic Neuropathy is called peripheral because it attacks extremities, hands and feet. There is often loss of sensation. A person can't feel what their feet are on. Damage to their feet isn't even noticed. If it isn't bad two canes or a walker is okay for balance, but if their hands are affected too they can't use either. They get hematoma's on their arms and legs. (blood under the skin) On their arms from resting on their forearms and lifting things with wrists or closed hands. They tend to drop things a lot. If it doesn't have a handle or handles they can't pick it up. They bang into things because they don't know where their feet are. A throw rug can trip them. Legs from the knee down can look bad and if there is much swelling damage does not heal well if at all. Loss of one or both legs is often the outcome. A power wheelchair becomes their home. 
I don't have this, instead of loss of sensation I have increased. It can tingle or it can hurt quite bad. Often though I get pain messages instead of location from my feet. So I need a cane for a third point of balance. Because of muscle weakness I can't stand long even on good days. About a hundred feet is my limit walking before I have to sit. I can use a hoe or rake and I can push a lawn mower but can not use a shovel or climb a ladder. So I can still garden if I have something to sit on. 20 pounds is the limit to what I can lift safely.
So in my case morphine in a very small dose can reduce the pain enough that I can balance, but the trade off is rubber muscles.  And of course it isn't safe to drive. 

Diet helps in that it keeps weight down and increases mood. The cholesterol diet gives me energy so I'm not pushing myself and therefore less clumsy. Internet is a problem because I have a small window of opportunity and don't want to waste it. Sometimes when people offer help it is at the wrong time, if I use it there is a lot of pain. I never turn down help. I put up with the pain. Often after curled up in a chair with a cup of tea and a cat or computer or both, life goes on. 
Well Dav, you post all about statins drugs, the warnings and all, I had all the illness prior to taken Crestor, since I started taking it, I didn't have anymore problems. But you mention Morphine, wow, that pretty powerful stuff and lots of side effect on that drugs. A lot of people call it "Killer drug" or "Murder Drug". Morphine does affect the mind, affect on the brain cells. It also eat up the brain cells as well. Believe me, list of side effect is so much longer than Statin drugs side effects as you mention.
Diet can help but there are other material to manage your day to day living.

I do pain management which is put on by Alberta Health services. I manage the pain without taking serious pain killers. I also watch what I do and how I do things, as well as what I eat. Sure I sneak a few chocolate bars, but I do something that will take care of the high blood sugar level as well. Oh and Ginger does wonder for pain. :) ginsenign tea is one way, there are lots of other way to take ginger, as ginger numb the pain in your system, spices are good too, it will simulate your organ to be healthy. However, from time to time, I do take a very mild form of painkiller which don't affect the brain. :)


Plenty to check out on Morphine happy surfing :D


I also took this course as well.

We are so lucky to have good plans for our health in Alberta that put on by Alberta Health services. Perhaps you can get something going in your community and get B.C. health services involve?

Crestor causes muscle pain and diabetes. Not everyone's pain level is the same. Maybe he has worse pain than you. The doctor wouldn't give it if it wasn't needed. There is side effects with ALL medication.
Well you are right Bebeth, my pain is a lot worse than most people and my tolerance is better. Today I took 10 mg of morphine because it has been two days with out and I got very little done. If I did not have sjogrens I would not need it because I would not have neuropathy. 28 years with arthritis, almost half my life has left me with very limited movement and a lot of damage. It has given me a lot of time to learn how to deal with pain and how to live with it. I do not live a normal life as most do. I live a balanced one between good days and tolerable ones. I do not want to add diabetes to my list of problems. Crestor will do that. Like a drunk with empty booze bottles everywhere I had empty tylenol bottles everywhere and it was affecting my liver. So no more tylenol. But morphine does not do anything for head aches. You get headaches and sore muscles from statins because your brain needs some cholesterol and muscles need some cholesterol and statins stop your liver from producing it. It also limits the amount you can absorb from food. If you have no pain then your intake is higher than it can handle (200mg) A bit more than one whole egg. It also does not remove unwanted cholesterol from your blood stream. Only increasing the HDL/LDL ratio through diet can do that. But that is hard work and depressing. Almost all fast food is a no no along with processed. But of bigger concern is triglycerides which you need for energy but an excess gives your liver something to make cholesterol out of, so fats, sugars, and starches need be limited but not eliminated. 

Morphine stimulates the production of dopamine (as do street drugs) so it is the dopamine that is the pain killer. Long term high dose use  reduces the stimulating effect and like street drugs would do you need a higher dose. The object with any pain medication is to use it only when absolutely necessary. 
second or third day use allows you to produce dopamine from mental stimulation not a drug keeping it functional, but mental stimulation was never meant to handle high levels of pain. So on really bad days when I'm a falling or tripping hazard I take 10mg.oral. This is a very small dose and only allows tolerance not elimination of pain. 

The one concern of excess morphine is parkinson's.  You can be sure I don't want to add that. 

As with any disease or condition, control by diet takes a lot of thought and control. It is not for everyone. I miss so many of the foods I used to enjoy so I have a cheat day to prevent the depression I would otherwise get.  Like stopping smoking it is difficult but also like stopping smoking once you eliminate certain foods you eventually lose the craving. Sticking with the diet eventually makes it easier. Which only proves harmful foods are not necessary. Only time will tell if what I'm doing is right, so far it seems to be working. My one down fall is caffeine it makes pain more obvious. 

As for the hazards of statins, they are definitely there and your doctor will balance this against what they can do. He will also recommend weight loss and diet changes which most people ignore hoping the pill will take care of it. You need only look at the number of people smoking outside the hospital to know how little will power most people have. 
bebeth wrote: Crestor causes muscle pain and diabetes. Not everyone's pain level is the same. Maybe he has worse pain than you. The doctor wouldn't give it if it wasn't needed. There is side effects with ALL medication.

Funny you mention this about pain and it’s level, it is true as each person can tolerate pain differently, I know a few people who have lupus, each one can take lupus pain differently, I have Fibromyalgia, Arthritis for years, as I get older the pain level get worst, I also have Tinnitus, with the pain management course, I have learn how to deal with it, it is very annoying with Tinnitus as the noise is bad that I can’t sleep, due to my hearing loss, music or T.V. don’t help, so I learn with pain management course that I can deal with the noise, I had it for years, now I don’t get it unless there stress involve, then it will come back, sometimes it worst and sometimes it isn’t and I guess it depends on the stress level is involve.

I also know a few people who been on Crestor for years, they are doing well, no pain, no diabetes.

My mother (may she rest in peace) had the aggressive type of Cancer, she tolerates it really good that it amazes me as most people couldn’t tolerate it. I have a few friends who has prostate cancer, some can take the pain and some can’t, one had prostate cancer and bone cancer and wasn’t in any kind of pain. I on the other hand with pain, I can’t tolerate pains, gosh even a little cut on my finger I will scream for sure, so this is why pain management course is good, anyone that took it, find it helpful, so therefore they are in no need of pain killer. That what I am trying to avoid, not to take serious pain killer or strong pain killer. I have seen people waste their life away on Morphine, now the new drug is out and it been out for awhile, it hasn’t got a good handle on as street people are taking it and ending up pushing up daisy.
My lower back is the worst one for pain, I also don’t have a knee cap on my right knee that been remove years ago. With my hearing loss, my balance isn’t good either. But I learn to cope to balance myself with pain and to avoid it as well, when to stop and where to stop to avoid serious pains. Learn how to manage pain before it become serious. I also know a friend who has so much pain, it wasn't working with Morphine, so he took the pain management course, he is managing his pain pretty good, I also know some people who don't want to manage their pain with the pain management course and rather cry about it instead.

My diabetes was from wearing out as I age and not from Crestor, so are my other body parts, but what I didn’t know was how to manage my body, muscles and bone. I learn from taking a course here on how to deal with your muscles and pain and what you need to do to avoid those types of pain. Another class to help you deal with pain management, BUT I am not the only one that take those courses, there are other people as well with different types of illness, it amaze me that they started looking terrible and leaving looking real good. Seniors that are older than me, and even younger than me, people of all ages and all walks of life.
If you read what this link tells you, you will have a better understanding, I wish we had this years ago and perhaps I would be in better shape now.

If you notice this “All our trainers have a minimum of a two-year diploma or a bachelor and/or master's degree in kinesiology, sports medicine, physical education or human kinetics.” On the website I provided you would have a better understanding what I am talking about. We are so lucky to be in Alberta with so many programs to stay healthy. I notice Ontario is falling under what Alberta started, so perhaps Ontario will start programs for people?


I believe in taking proper actions for a better health, Alberta is trying to stop pill popping or any kind of drugs as it is getting expensive on their budget, this is why they are upping the price on smokes and liquor as well as wine as it isn’t healthy, well wine I believe should be good because it will kill the bacteria in your system so a little bit of wine don’t hurt.
For those who don’t know what kinesiology.
I also know that Morphine is very addictive once you start to take it.

Some doctor will give their patience anything just to get them off their back, the worst kind of Doctor, Yup, I knew a few people who have doctors like that, I am lucky that I have a good doctor, he will recommend me to anything that will help me manage my life better, food, pain, and so on. We have lots of programs to help manage your life better according to your illness. Dietitian, Nurses, therapist, so on and so on, It all in the website I provided on this post.

Alberta Health Care services are doing their best to have people off the meds which is costing the system a lot of money, I think Ontario will be the next Province that will follow in the same foot step as Alberta. As the saying goes, "There is no excuses" If there are programs in place then no one can complain about anything as it will be there for you and your health.
I was on Crestor well over 10 years before I got diabetes.
Bebeth , did it work, how is your cholesterol now? I have been borderline Diabetic for years now I'm normal. Prednisone was my contributing factor so I should not have gone normal. It is good since I'm going to have to increase the prednisone because of the neuropathy. I wonder if it will help the Sjogren's.

Star, I'm glad you found a way to deal with pain. At a pain clinic I learned about using SSRIs for pain, but I can't take them but I can take SNRIs. They work but make me very sleepy and the dry mouth worse. I don't take any other pain medication than the morphine and rely on tolerance for the most part. 
Some days I can barely move, some days the pain is so bad I want to die, but there is always a good day somewhere. I could live without morphine, but not prednisone. I will be on antibiotics for life, for  chronic septic staph infection, AKA celulitis. We do what works for us and this forum is to say what works purely as information. Information is power.
Oh I know all about pains, even in my 20's have been living with it, from the time I wake up until I fall asleep, pain is there, the worst one is my back, if it that bad, then I can't get out of bed. Coritzone isn't all that great as it will eat away the tissue or bone. So I manage to do with just the arthritis pills which allow me to get out of bed without to much pain. My foot on the other hand, it terrible, I can only be on my feet for a short period of time, I refuse heavy pain killer, learn to use pain management. Like I said, seen to many people lives get wasted away. the milder pains, I can live with it, the more sever pains, I have to use pain management. I have seen so many people that has a hard time walking, or move that it make me feel so sorry for them. they too don't want to use harsh pain killer as they know how addicted it is to your system and how it waste away ones life.
I even have a friend that he was in so much pain, even morphine didn't work for him, he had to take a stronger form of pain killer, but once I mention the pain management, he tried that, so he had to be ween off slowly so he won't get a shock to his system like a heart attack, once he was totally off, then he took the course, it long for my liking but I took it anyways, and so did he. But I do take a milder form of pain killer to take away the pains in my feet, but I don't over do it, some times I forget to take it and manage to do something different to take away the pain.... a nice long hot bath does the trick too as heat take away the pain, while cold reduce the swelling, imagine sitting a bath tub full of ice? This is what DR. Oz recommend....YIKES to cold for me for this time of year lol .. Ok off to take a nice hot bath....
OnlyDavit wrote: Bebeth , did it work, how is your cholesterol now? I have been borderline Diabetic for years now I'm normal. Prednisone was my contributing factor so I should not have gone normal. It is good since I'm going to have to increase the prednisone because of the neuropathy. I wonder if it will help the Sjogren's.

Star, I'm glad you found a way to deal with pain. At a pain clinic I learned about using SSRIs for pain, but I can't take them but I can take SNRIs. They work but make me very sleepy and the dry mouth worse. I don't take any other pain medication than the morphine and rely on tolerance for the most part. 
Some days I can barely move, some days the pain is so bad I want to die, but there is always a good day somewhere. I could live without morphine, but not prednisone. I will be on antibiotics for life, for  chronic septic staph infection, AKA celulitis. We do what works for us and this forum is to say what works purely as information. Information is power.

I don't know what the numbers are OnlyDavit, but he says it's ok, so that is good enough for me to know. I have a friend who has Sjogrens, I had never heard of it before. I am managing my diabetes with diet and exercise like walking and I am doing a good job I believe.

stardaisy what is pain management exactly?
Sjogrens on top of Arthritis has made it impossible to wear my false teeth most days. The odd thing is some days it is not bad, something I have got used to. The worst is sore eyes.

My cholesterol numbers are below borderline this morning. This is good. I test every Saturday or second Saturday. 

Diet now includes a whole boiled egg every second say. Continuing to have oatmeal for breakfast.
Meat is limited to a total of three ounces a day. (75mg cholesterol) Added some cheese, but still no milk or  butter, soy milk instead. Taking calcium because I only cook with soy milk.

Conclusion so far is that if I totally eliminate cholesterol with a vegan diet, my liver will produce it. I get a sugar craving to produce glycogens it can use. Olive oil definitely increases the HDL/LDL ratio for the good. Half a glass of wine a day has no effect. Morphine has little effect, but Tylenol has a lot. Probably because of it's effect on the liver. If prednisone is raising it or effecting the test then it is little.  

I would appreciate  anyone who can give me their numbers on or off meds so I can compare what I am doing. I will continue to do this with diet only, looking for that balance between body weight (fat) triglycerides and consumption of cholesterol foods. It appears right now that with all things moderation is the answer. This is good because I love lasagna and pizza.