I am looking for people 55+ from Winnipeg, Manitoba who would like to have coffee and conversation together. Those interested would gather in this group and if people are interested WHich day is best for you? I know a place where we could meet together and get to know each other better.I live in Lions Manor at 320 Sherbrook Street at the corner of Sherbrook and Portage Avenue. This is a seniors apartment block. I live on the penthouse of 11 floors. We have many diferent activities here including bingo and sing songs. I am able to bring guests.There is a coffee shop on the main floor of which the doors are are open 24/7. We would have to supply our own coffee and/or snacks.. Cafe is closed.
I would prefer people to be 55 plus years old. I am sorry.
I have run coffee and conversation groups before when I belonged to Adventures for Successful Singles.They were fun. There we had people think of topics for discussion. We discussed a topic for an hour, broke up for one half hour and then discussed the second topicfor an hour. I feel when there are enough people joining then we would discuss how we wish to run this one. I am very easy as well as flexible. .I would like to know by April 1, 2011 how many people are interested.
Which days are best for you?
Thank you Ken