Do not say your sorry, you left me all alone,

Picking up my broken heart, now sleeping all alone.
Do not say your sorry, you seem to be smiling without me near.
I look for you at the place we met, and dream of you in the night.
Do not say your sorry, Just come home to me.
I hope for your return, I long to talk to you again.
Looking at your picture, I hold it tightly in my hand.
I saw you from a distance, in the arms of another man
My hopes are now fading, the dreams that once were
Don't say your sorry, Just come home to me.
Why Oh why did you have to leave
You told me long ago that this would never be,
We said our vows, and walked hand and hand
Then you were gone, in the arms of another man
You look at him now as we use to do.
Don't say your sorry, Just come home to me.
Did you pen this yourself? It is beautiful.
Yes I Did bebeth, I wrote for years and lost my way by severe loss of family members, but I m up and getting my sea legs under me again an will be writing a lot more. Thank- You very much for your kind words and support.

Oh my, my friend new....such a beautiful poem....written straight from your heart....keep the flow of words coming and we will keep reading :D Zoe
Amazing !!!!!
wow well written from the heart!
Nice newt...
Thank you New. I shall wait for the blues version of this, from you of course. :D
Very nice Newt, did she really break your heart or is it just a poem you wrote ? 
It was a song I wrote from my personal experience. It took years to forget what happened, but you know if she was to come back into my life I would forgive her because I Loved her so much Morton. Thank-You for your comments and their is another one soon to come.
You never know newtimes, it may happen one day, I hope so. look forward to your next one  :D