mabale wrote: I enjoy crochet and knitting I wish there was such a group in my area.


we have palace where live that a bunch of woman get together and talk and do their own projects and have a lunch
I went sock crazy this past Christmas, everyone received a funky pair of socks. Was fun.
One of the many reasons that I joined this site, was the hope that I would meet other crocheters, knitters, embroiderer's, etc at a common location. It would be nice to sit with others who enjoy your passions, have a cup of tea, a good chat and lots of laughs. However, with not being able to travel, it does put a damper on it. Although, I haven't met anyone local just yet, from this site or in the neighborhood, I haven't given up, but then again there isn't any deadline to meet.

I am still determined that this year, I will definitely knit or crochet something that is just for me and only me. My time to be selfish! :lol:
I love to knit and would like to learn to crochet. Where I live we have an afternoon where we gather in the lounge and knit or sew or embroider and we call it the Stitch n Bitch. There are times we seem to do more of the but we have fun and laugh.
I just finished crocheting a sweater jacket for my granddaughter. I rarely use a pattern, just do it in my head and her measurements. It is easier to do this with crochet than knitting I think. I don't knit very well, just very very easy things such as a scarf or mittens. I like creating things so it can be lots of fun. What do you crochet, knit?
I have done needlepoint pillows too which kept me occupied during the winter months when I don't go out as much.
Usually in the winter, I knit scarves for the homeless.  My friend knits the hats and mittens.  I am not that good, so scarves are the best I can do.

This year I may not be able to as my fingers hurt.  I broke my arm a year ago and now my fingers give me a problem. 
oh sorry to hear of your broken arm and the fingers giving you a bit of trouble now. :(
Have never broken anything, knock on wood.....did get a good sprain downhill skiing though and that ankle still bothers me if I go ice skating. This was awhile ago.
I would like to learn about there an easy way to master this....I played around a little bit during this past winter which was terribly long....I am one that needs to see slowly how things are done and then I can catch the idea of being able to make something from a piece of yarn....Nancy
Hi Zoe,

The way to start to learn to crochet is to do a granny square.  After you get that down pat, everything will be easier.

Here is a youtube video that will show you exactly how it is done. 

Also, here is a site to read: 
marguerite5 wrote: I;m wondering If there are people who still love crocheting or knitting for their own purposes or maybe for sale? Last time I made a tablecloth for round coffee table in gold colour. But I can also cherish my table runner in creamy with roses, a butterfly and a dragonfly-a kind of a masterpiece.

Oh Ido I do I DO
I crochet because it's a safe way to  relax. Safer to hook the yarn than hook others with my claws or tongue. JUST KIDDING !!! Love to create and just get lost in the counting and dreaming
I too knit and crochet and needlepoint too.  I don't do as much as I want to but kind of go in spurts.  I usually make things for other people.  Have sold a few things.  My favorite thing is afghans either in knit or crochet.  Right now I'm working on a teddy bear in my daughter's school colors.
Anything that involves yarn or thread, though I have more enthusiasm than talent at this stage!
I learned to knit and crochet ,few years ago. now I go to a knitting group every Saturday morning. iit takes place at one of our libraries . There are other groups that meet during the week, either morning afternoon or evening. Saturday am suits me fine,as I work during the week.
Try and start a group ,either at your local library,church or senior 's community centre
I too enjoy crocheting and probably crochet as many hours as some work a part time job but I have no friends that share the same hobby.  Hope to meet a friend to share patterns and tips as I have been at this for over 30 years.  I give away most of what I do because it makes me feel good and I associate this hobby with peace of mind.