I've been to Bermuda several times , albeit by air and not sea. But Bermuda is absolutely beautiful! The thing we enjoyed most was Bermuda law limits the amount of people on the island at any one time - so the beaches are often close to empty! We loved the privacy afforded.

Well worth the visit(s) and snorkeling both out and near the beach! Enjoy! :)

I have over 32 cruises with HAL and am a 5 star cruiser with over 500 days which gets anyone who travels with me lots of bennies.
I am a recent widow and looking for someone to travel with so I can continue to cruise as I love it so much.
I went on 10 cruises so far. Cruising is really enjoyable. Count me in if you are planning a cruise  :) I am also seeking someone to travel with
I'm new here as well. Hope people still read these....
I've only been on one cruise in the Mediterranean out of Spain. I enjoy meeting all people on board but especially from home (Canada) as we could buddy up and explore the local stops together and have a few laughs along the way,... made at least one long time friendship that way.

Would love to meet locals on here that might be interested in travelling together (as friends :wink: ) on cruises or otherwise.