I've never done this before, I guess I'm trying to write a "Rambling Blog"? That's sad! LOL..I'm very sarcastic and even my mother has looked at me over the decades with half closed eyes and said " You are making a joke, correct?" So don't take anything dead serious. Here goes...I have throat cancer. (Hold on a minute..I need to light a cigarette.. It helps me concentrate).back...Ahh! there! :) We all have bad stressful things that have happened in our lives. Me too. This is merely about what my next 2-3 months will be. Quick!!..Someone grab the 'eight-ball' off the shelf, dust it and shake it! I think there are 6 different doctors I have been to this last week! I don't remember who is who! I had 7 different places I had to be just LAST week! I was stabbed with needles 8 times! The PET scans, the CT scans (3) , the sonograms (they 'tickle' sometimes) :P and we're "Drawing' blood", and "We're putting you on an IV now" and "Here's a simple injection"...I think I'm catching up with other people who've been through 'Stuff'. I don't wanna catch up! LOL! My husband Glen should have been dead 8 yrs. ago. He had 3 strokes and 5 by-passes! Yikes! It was rough to care for him. I only mention that because he will be useless in helping me while I go through this 'process'. On my birthday (last Aug) I was sitting in this very seat and my two old 17 and 16 yr. old Doxies were at my feet and my 18 yr. old cat was lying on the bed next to my sleeping hubby. My 2 old Finches were chirping away in their cage. I was thinking "I'm getting old, and all my pets are WAY past their expiration dates by YEARS!"... That's what happens when you take care of your pets. (Notice I didn't include 'Hubby' with the pets, but HE shouldn't be here either!) I felt "OLD" and wasn't looking forward to them all dying before me. Then my phone rang. It was the Pet shop I had ordered a Leopard Tortoise from about 7 months earlier! It had arrived! WOW! Karma?...Odin took pity on me? Now I have a pet that will live to be over hundred yrs. old (and 100 lbs. too) and I won't have to mourn it's passing! I named my slow moving tiny tortoise "Comet." If you don't get that irony/sarcasm, I'm sorry! LOL! I don't know if anyone that might read this has had throat cancer, but my next writing that I'm going to do now, will be my humorous 'take' on making the 'mask' for the 7 weeks of treatments. P.S. If anyone lasted this long to read all of this, you might want to consider seeking a mental health therapist, or we could become good friends.... Harharhar! ...Jan
Jan, I have had you on my mind and in my heart. Others have too and have asked about you. Please keep this blog up so we can send prayers and good thoughts your way. Keep being courageous. I takes courage to walk the "C" path..many blessings for better and long lasting health...Fern
It's great that you can still see some humour in life Jan, despite the issues you deal with daily. I hope that the hand of friendship offered by people here can help you with this in some small way. Thinking of you and wishing you good luck in getting through this phase in your life.