Thursday March 22nd
" Sorry I farted in our shared work space."
Its OK, At first I thought it was my aftershave,
I was really pissed cos i spent $2 on it,

Sylvia, Taz n Dave and the rest,
Syl, I Got my new glasses, I can see stuff now that i cudent B4,

God, I Had forgotten how hot I am.
Scrum, missed yer call, call back.
I did, I will try again 2moro around ur Midday,
Dont worry il keep trying 2 moro til i get u,
Have U a hookah in the house,
Pay her and tell her when to come back.
Laser Beam, in my dream, Laser beam in my dream I can't get it on Can't get it off, Laser Beam like a sawed off Dream
Was that a song called Chicken Train Taz?
Friday March 23rd
" Happy Friday to someone who....................................................."
Sat/Sun March 24/25
" Let's have a night away from the kids where we try to stay up at least past their bedtimes."
Monday March 26th
" Let's talk soon because I miss you hearing the sound of my voice."
U talk and i listen,
I dont have a choice,
U never shut up,
I Can even hear u now.
are you listening to me Scrummy ? are you listening to me ?????????? how many times do i have to repeat myself ?? are you listening to me ??????????
Tuesday March 27th
" I love my cats as much as they love being indifferent to me."
And the way they look at you,
I Have nine lives, i can do what i want.
My cat, Rascal, allows me to "use" the house as long as I keep his food and water dish full and give him "treats" upon his command/request...
Wednesday March 28th
" Please make yourself available to talk when I have nothing to do while driving "