Yes G1. Ozark Mountain Daredevils, early 70's. I have been away a few days, pls forgive late response.
Do U play Golf Sylvia, Its such a cool serene game,
I can imagine u driving and giving a gentle shout,
Watch yere F..... heads,
lol,, i have probably done that ! golfed back in the 70' and 80's, then daughter born,, sold the clubs. back then they had a chick that went around the course in a golf cart and sold ice cold beer and such,, was cool.........especially in the hot summers here....
Thursday March 29th
" Life is like riding a bicycle because you're constantly getting in the way of more successful people."
To Hell with the bike,
Tell me more about the Ice cream chick,
Was she topless.
If she was, you wouldn't be able to see it Scrum. lol
Friday March 30th
" This Friday I'm going to .................................................................."
Get Crucified,
Get Ossified,
Get Pie-eyed,
Get Stupified,

C the way they are in alphabetical order,
Im no eejit.
Sometimes, I don't think Brian exist's I think he was invented by G1
Sat/Sun Mar/Apr 31/1
" I can't wait to hide all the Easter candy for the kids inside my stomach."
You were eating the candy while the kids were in you,
No wonder they are so hyper.

I Was down town a few mins ago,
Easter egg shop were selling stuff off,
I Got 2 for $8 instead of twenty five,
Im gonna raffle em off at quiz tomorrow nt,
Tickets 5$ each, to hell with Big G.

Pst Gr, U get a free tkt.
Monday April 2nd
" Sorry your attempt to form a summer softball team was a painful reminder that you don't have eight friends."
I Dunno why i told em it was over 60s,
If it was 20yr olds, i wud have had 4 teams.
Tuesday April 3rd
" I want to break the company's HR policy with you."
Everyone wants to sleep with the boss.