Sat/Sun 28/29
" Sorry you can't make the rainy weekend go away no matter how many weather apps you check."
ou know Taz would keep you in the sack anyway bw lol
I meant groceries

Monday April 30th
" I only exercise in the mornings so I have something to complain about for the rest of the day."
Dang I thougjht today was Sundasy
lol I cant even spell
Tuesday May 1st
" I send pointless emails late at night to impress co-workers."
Wednesday May 2nd
" Congratulations on reaching a life stage the rest of us reached eight years ago."
Thursday May 3rd
" Sorry you're not quite poor enough to be included in the Pope's prayers."
Friday May 4th
"This Friday I'm going to ........................................................."
Sat/Sun May 5/6
" The happiest moment of my wedding was realizing that planning my wedding was over."
Monday May 7th
" I can't tell if I'm hungover or if it's just Monday."
hang in there. you're getting close to the summit
the summit,, the highest height, level of anything.. opposite of the dregs ? I'm lost as usual.
Tuesday May 8th
" You've experienced so much failure that I am genuinely happy for your success."
Meh, Im so messed up, I think im happy.

Hugs Syl,