OK,, I have a very strange calendar that let's me tear off the last day to expose the new days message...I probably should have started this on the first of the year,, but here is todays message (and I apologize in advance for the content)

Nothing gets me in the mood like knowing nearly every disgusting animal on the planet is having sex right now

Shall I continue to write the oncoming day's messages ?
Ha ha! I think you should.
Yes please BW. Are there illustrations too? :lol:
Keep 'em coming! Is that available in an online format?

Hurry on BW, and post it in Irish,
Dont mind the others. Hugs. 
Love it...
We could call it the Calendar Cub :D

Puts some  prospective into our lives
Sometimes people just take'em selves too seriously 
Do fish come into the animal category 
Cause we know what they get up to in water
And out....

Yeah, well OK Jaffa, just as long as we don't have to be the calendar girls :lol:

Looks like the lady in the center of that pic has hairy elbows. .. YUCK! :lol:
Which Fish is on top.
The dominate one of course 
Is the dominate1, the 1 with the scales, n spikes n stuff,
Dont think our Fish is into that, on the other hand,
Maybe he has a dark side, U know, letting the nurses pierce him n chit,
Well Fish, what have U been hiding from us, R U somebodys bitch,
Gawd the things we learn in this place. 
OK,, you all are too hilarious !!!! I tried to take a pic of the calendar page cuz it does have a pic, then saved, then tried to upload today's saying to no avail,,,,they said the extension htm was not allowed ? oopsy,,I will pursue until I find the perfect thingy,,, anyways here is todays quote for 5/5/16

I hope failing Spanish doesn't interfere with your Cinco De Mayo celebration

BTW,, my work catered a Cinco De Mayo lunch for all today,, equipped with little stick on moustaches and baby sombreros to wear,, it was fun and filling. I took the baby sombrero and stache to my daughter (she is a bartender) after my day to wear since she works later than I.. She loved it !!

That's all
I had a great great greater still uncle in that Cinco del Mayo battle,
and of course he only spoke Irish, plus he was always drunk,
His captain gave him an order in Spanish, destroy the french,
well he thought ur man said peesonthe french,
so he went over to do so, as he was (u know) a french guy stuck a bayonet
Ye, U guessed it, right in the b.....s, but he returned home sore but still drunk, (bless him)
Now whats the story here, i havent an iota, i was bored and had a few mins to spare. 
"Let's set aside time this Mother's Day to mock the disintegrating sex lives of our friends with children"

no pics as "htm" is not allowed ? anyways,, I will figure it out
May 7th and 8th

May your Mother's Day celebration temporarily distract you from the horrid economic reality of delayed retirement