Not all sites are visited by people who pretend to be what they are not.  There are still some sites that honest people visit and meet and eventually get married.  You just have to believe and go on trying one day it will be your day s there is always some one out there waiting for just a man like you.
Hello to you out there! I'm quite new on this site and have registered after being disappointed and really disenchanted by some datings sites, especially in Germany. Not only meeting the overdoing expectation of men to meet the "perfect" woman moreover I have been disgusted by the experience to meet more fake profiles then "real" men. And not only that I've read too much of these profiles I've been brought up several times by the so-called romantic scammers. I do hope this site is not be overflown by those "business men"!
I'm in a good mood because I can already report of nice beginning with a friendly member and so I will stay a while, wait and see! :D
I enjoyed your company in chat. Hope to see you around often. I hope you meet your dream fellow here!
Thanks, Larry, for your friendly welcome - in the chat and around here. I'm convinced I'll have a nice time on this site no matter whether Mr. Right comes along or not! ;-)