LOL Rod, I do recall a story years ago that a woman called this man dashwood and eventually she call him dagwood.
Rod....the bitterness of the tongue doth predispose the sweetness of the kiss
LifesaDance wrote: Rod....the bitterness of the tongue doth predispose the sweetness of the kiss

But no matter how bitter the tongue...if one fills ones mouth with a SunKist orange...just jam the whole thing in...then says "hab a nie day"...(difficult!)'s just pure happy grin and sweetness, except for the peel, which can be a tad tart.

No, I defy all counsel, all redress,
But that which ends all counsel, true redress,
Death, death; O amiable lovely death!
Thou odouriferous stench! sound rottenness!
Arise forth from the couch of lasting night,
Thou hate and terror to prosperity,
And I will kiss thy detestable bones
And put my eyeballs in thy vaulty brows
And ring these fingers with thy household worms
And stop this gap of breath with fulsome dust
And be a carrion monster like thyself:
Come, grin on me, and I will think thou smilest
And buss thee as thy wife. Misery's love,
O, come to me!

You want bitter...I give you William Shakespeare...the king of bitter ranting, actually. For verily that's quite the rant, yes? A frightfully odouriferous rant, even. I cannot touch the bard for bitter diatribe. That little speech is like someone eating a durian and calling it "a fruit"...then saying now kiss me, despite the stench in the love. Prithee...what foul sewer stench? Kiss me and fuggetaboutit.
I have just joined this site and got immersed in this forum discussion. Here's how I see it: it is all an adventure, a roller coaster road to who knows where, like starting a trek with just a smidgen of research.  I don't care about research and statistics because ultimately you will meet this person, in person, and instincts and aura and energy will give you the answers. And if you don't, what the heck, I would have found friends and an avenue to "speak" like this forum. Thank you to the Internet and technology to allow and provide a chance for anyone to write and participate in such a discussion.  :D :)
Alas, I don't think I can prove you wrong...............  :?
I do believe that such sites will help me to find a pratner. I have already met here some nice people with whom I communicate every day and share joy and sorrow with them. Moreover, my sister has found her husband on dating site. So i am sure that I will also find my spouse online. 
I don't thing age has anything to do with it. You take your chances at any age with these sites. Apparently statistics show, however, that few over-50 people who meet actually get married because of money. It becomes a yours/mine/ours problem and people want to leave money to their kids. You almost have to consult an accountant before you tie the knot.
I am an optimist. If you are positive I believe positive things will come your way. If negative it seems to turn people away.
well I have found on most of these sites the  women work for the sites just to get the man to talk and chat and spend their money
Hotrod, it sounds like you've been hanging out with the wrong kind of women. Maybe you're the male equivalent of women who call themselves a 'loser magnet'. Who knows, they're everywhere and not gender specific in their target.

I trust you're at least taking a spin around this site before expecting the same outcome. No, I don't do fuzzy bunny rainbow sprinkles much, but others will be in to do that with all kinds of encouragement. And stop thinking about where you expect to wind up and start thinking about where you might wind up. And don't get rid of those sunglasses. Okay, I'm done.
hotrodman148 wrote: well I have found on most of these sites the  women work for the sites just to get the man to talk and chat and spend their money

Then I can introduce them to hundreds of men on these sites who are exactly the same  :lol:  The last two sites I belonged to I was bombarded by men (?) as young as 18 and when I said I looked after my elderly parents in my home, I started  getting hits from the over-70 crowd. 

I guess on the positive side, to an 80-year-old, I'm eye candy :lol:  
wow, hotrodman  that's a bit harsh, not every women is the same. I do know this having been on this site for a few years I have not come across or heard of any women that go after men just for their money. in fact the majority of the ladies on this site are ladies and are not looking for a man with a big bank account. Joceannora is right it does sound like you have been hanging out with the wrong women. the women on this site deserve the benefit of the doubt. don't be to quick to judge these ladies, you could miss out on what your looking for.        Mustang what was the name of the last two sites you mentioned, maybe I could join  :D  just kidding  :lol: 
Unfortunately, these sites are notorious for harboring golddiggers of both sexes. I've heard complaints over and over again from men and  a friend of mine was asked for money so  the guy could "come visit her (uh huh).  And a friend of hers was actually stupid enough to give a guy money. 

On one very popular website I posted my salary and was inundated with emails -- when I removed my salary they dropped considerably.  You just have to be very careful and use common sense. 
hotrodman148 wrote: well I have found on most of these sites the  women work for the sites just to get the man to talk and chat and spend their money

Really, are you testing to see which one of us is that? or are you one of those men who believe in this? Just saying.

I know I am not one of those woman who is like that, nor have I met any woman that are like that, I belong to a few sites for a long time and never came across with what you said about us females, we also could say the same about men as well?

Or are you having one of those bad day?
What you have to be careful of as well is that a lot of those supposed men and women may not even be  what you think. There have been cases of men and women masquerading as the opposite sex and stringing people along for money.