I am new to this site but I don't think anyone finds a partner here. I do have two friends that were on another site and ended up getting married as a result of meeting on a dating site. So some probably do work. I believe being over 50 makes it much harder to find a partner to marry.
I've been on half a dozen other sites, some very well-known to everybody, and the results were always the same. The only men who contacted me were from everywhere but local. Here, I've been contacted by a couple of local men and unfortunately with one of them I just had too much going on in my life at the time to be worrying about a relationship. I really should contact him again.

Actually I should note that I was contacted by two men on another site. One set up a meeting and then came back the next day with some lame story about how a job had suddenly come up and he was going to have to work all weekend but "I'll contact you again" blah blah blah because I'm THAT stupid to believe that garbage. He didn't even have the decency to say he'd simply changed his mind for whatever reason. The other kept me in limbo with emails even though he only lived 45 minutes away. When I insisted on meeting for coffee after two weeks, I never heard from him again. He apparently thought I was too pushy and that you got to know each other better online than in person. Something not right there.
Two others contacted me but they didn't drive and both lived out of town so I was basically going to be their taxi.
Well I haven't been on these sites before,just in the last 6 months,but I went to an appointment the other day and the receptonist,told me she met her husband on one. So I guess it does happen.
One thing I do think and I've just come to realize that you have to just use the site for entertainment and so it becomes a happy accident when someone contacts you. lol :?:
alex59uk wrote: I believe that more than 95% of dating agencies' female members are an assortment of time wasters, gold diggers and dreamers in cloud cuckoo land, who keep waiting for that knight in shining armour on a white horse, who strangely, never shows up! I am sure that those females who are genuine, the 5% or less or who do not fall in the category I mentioned, may feel the same can be said for male members. My opinion, for what it's worth is that you cannot manufacture a partner. I think that dating agencies, in the main, are just a production line for manufactured meets that paradoxically never happen. As such, I think that the vast majority of them are just a money making scam for opportunists, whose members are a mere number that contributes to their income. Hence, as I've always said, if you don't meet somebody by a twist of fate, i.e. a chance meeting in a park, museum, supermarket, or dare I say it, at arranged group meets such as on this site, then, sadly, it ain't gonna happen.
Well I tried to reply and it didn't work..oops
Hi Polarqueen ... I met my ex on a dating site which was free, its called Plenty of Fish and I could not have hoped to have met a lovelier man, so thoughtful, kind and loving, but would recommend chatting first and then skype to ensure they are who they say they are .. i think you may have access to POF ( Plenty of Fish ) i think a lot on here both men and women are happy to find friendships and chat, but have seen a lot who do want a relationship and appear to be very nice, but remember you have the option of a block button if they are not who they porrtayed to be after chatting with them ... safety first every time ... Good luck Polarqueen in your search : )
Eight or nine years ago a little girl in my city was kidnapped and murdered. After the guy's picture was published several women came forward and said they had met him there -- POF. Be very careful. Free dating sites will attract all kinds.
Hey MusthaveSally, One of the last things Rudy Gulliani did B4 leaving as mayor of NY, was to
regulate all taxies and cabs at all of the airports, This lady arrived in NY, she was asked did she want to share a cab,, they found her body a few days later, There are Predators everywhere, Hugs.
Hi Sally .. quite right what you say, but I felt far safer chatting via emails and then going on skype talking and seeing him and meeting his family on camera before i met him eventually, felt far safer than going to a pub and being chatted up by a stranger, he respected me as a women and took his time, so regardless, if it's a free site, paid site or chance meeting in a pub or local shop ... every woman has to be cautious as safety is the most important issue in any scenario ... do not be put off by dating sites, it's for both parties to be sensible and take the correct precautions that most sites now advise prior to ever meeting someone ...
Just saying ... be careful. They're everywhere but I've been on POF and they multiply there.
I have to agree with scrumpy in that there are predators every where in all walks of life, dating sites are fine if you take the necessary precautions as advised by 50 plus, POF or any other reputable site.... Take the same checks and precautions meeting a partner in the same way you do your bank details ha ha xx :)))
I met one man once online.  I would have married him in a heartbeat. He was handsome, fun, intelligent.  I wasn't what he was looking for I guess. But, I do have some wonderful memories.  He wrote some beautiful words to me once about what he liked about me.  I still have it and read it every once in a while.  :D
Predators can be both male and female, and it isint always about sex,
PPL can use me for money, bullying etc, If I let them,
Some PPL take kindness as a sign of weakness, and try to exploit that,
I was asked by a person here a few yrs ago, (they are long gone)
Would I go guarantor for them, for something or other,
needless to say, I told them to foff, But most ppl here are
very sincere and genuine, Except for that guy Kim Yong Pygmy,
He dosent scare me with his Cuckoos Nest Hairstyle.

And Jane, stop calling me grumpy watever, SMILE.
It wasn't grumpy lol your too nice to be grumpy ! I called you scrumpy ha ha i pressed 'p' instead of double 'm' ha ha ... sorry .. SMILE : ))
Jane, Grumpy is definitely the right name, believe me.

He is th original Grumpy Old Man. They based the film on him.