I really have no idea... on the one hand, it might seem that women (and men) join these sites with the intent of finding romantic relationships. That's why I join, now, I will say that it's proven difficult to find a mate that would be the right match.

Seems like many women are looking for someone different from me, otherwise I would have many more contacts. I've meet a number of women on-line but few have progressed to a face to face meeting and after the meeting fewer still made the connection required for a second date.

We all probably have unreasonable expectations, and frankly after being in the world for a long while, we have sets of "requirements" that must be met for the relationship to click.

I continue to hope that a good match for me is out there somewhere within "a stone's throw distance" and has enough points of compatibility to have a go at trying to establish a LTR....
I believe it's certain members that you get blacklisted by and you get no responses.But that is indeed a theory.It's very suspicious that after what will be 6 months you get as many answers to 60 or 70 sent messages....
Only messages I got was from another Galaxy.
If it isn't it should be. :roll:
well for me, I am using this site but not always I am hoping here to find my special one,, but maybe its not time yet, so waiting for the right time,, I am single looking for a nice guy I am not after money , I am looking for a good one all characters are nice,, I am not rich I don't have money also,, I am looking ages 55-65 with good heart and nice man..
I have to agree life does not always stop at 50, I am 66 going on 67 and just arrived here. I'm sure friends can be made from here and any online singles sites. Marrisge? I'm not so sure.
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Only a few lucky ones
I think that is a wonderful question. I think it helps you find friends, but I am still waiting on love.