justme77 wrote: Why is it all the women have pictures and none of the men do? Huh makes me wonder?

Last time I checked I was a man....maybe I need to have a closer look.... :mrgreen:
DavidJM wrote: I don't think they do .. could someone prove me wrong please

Hi David,

I recently joined. Would you like to chat?
Chokko wrote: I just want to add my two cents...   :) There are people who are positive and there are people who are negative, but also some who are in the middle (sometimes positive, sometimes negative).  Can we be positive all the time?  I can't....  I am searching for friendship but who know what I can find.   Friendship can bring me to a relaltionship who knows...  Some people have found love on dating sites but not all, even friendship is hard to find.   Some people want a perfect partner, and also ... yes... a perfect body, but it is impossible in the reality though.  Am I negative?  It needs a connection between two people for loving, and even for friendship too.   There is success story but also some which is not :( ...   Am I negative?   Sometimes, it can be very dissappointed....     :D  So as we are all different and have different thoughts, it is very interresting to know how people think about this topic...   :wink:  


Great Post...

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alex59uk wrote: I believe that more than 95% of dating agencies' female members are an assortment of time wasters, gold diggers and dreamers in cloud cuckoo land, who keep waiting for that knight in shining armour on a white horse, who strangely, never shows up! I am sure that those females who are genuine, the 5% or less or who do not fall in the category I mentioned, may feel the same can be said for male members. My opinion, for what it's worth is that you cannot manufacture a partner. I think that dating agencies, in the main, are just a production line for manufactured meets that paradoxically never happen. As such, I think that the vast majority of them are just a money making scam for opportunists, whose members are a mere number that contributes to their income. Hence, as I've always said, if you don't meet somebody by a twist of fate, i.e. a chance meeting in a park, museum, supermarket, or dare I say it, at arranged group meets such as on this site, then, sadly, it ain't gonna happen.


Wow, such a pessimistic attitude.  I am skeptical about online sites myself.  I know people who have good experiences from them.  I believe to each his/her own.  I will say that having such a negative attitude will not help your chances at a friend/mate.  If anything it displays your personality traits. 
I have tried several sites and finally given up. However I am hopeful and have "active hope". I look forward to finding new friends.
DavidJM wrote: I don't think they do .. could someone prove me wrong please

I see this was started long ago (yes i'm very perceptive :wink: ) and by a "former member". However i would like to respond...

I know a few, (ok one lol) person that the dating sites worked for, just not for the majority :( .

I, too, would like to be proven wrong...soon would be really, really nice! lol. Just sayin'... Image :roll: NOT why i'm on this site, however. It just seemed like a much friendlier site then many...THANK YOU all for that! :D
I would say it depends. No guarantees but possibility is always there. Dating sites does promise anyone anything. It only serve as an avenue for people to get acquainted and connect. Kinda like a game of chance. Either you win some or you lose some.
This is an american survey, and not paticularly for the over 50s, so not really relevant here, but i thought it may provide an interesting read.....
sorry its so long and spread out.


Total number of single people in the U.S.


Total number of people in the U.S. who have tried online dating


Total eHarmony members


Total Match.com members


Number of questions to fill out on eHarmony survey


Annual revenue from the online dating industry


Average spent by dating site customer per year


Average length of courtship for marriages that met online

18.5 Months

Average length of courtship for marriages that met offline

42 Months

Percent of users who leave within the first 3 months

10 %

Percent of male online dating users

52.4 %

Percent of female online dating users

47.6 %

Percent who say common interests are the most important factor

64 %

Percent who say physical characteristics are the most important factor

49 %

Percent of marriages in the last year in which the couple met on a dating site

17 %

Percent of current committed relationships that began online

20 %

Percent of people who believe in love at first sight

71 %

Percent of women who have sex on the first online dating encounter

33 %

Percent of people who say they have dated more than one person simultaneously

53 %

Percent of sex offenders who use online dating to meet people

10 %

What’s more important on a first date


30 %

Smile & Looks

23 %

Sense of Humor

14 %

Career & Education

10 %

Type of hair color most people are attracted to


32 %


16 %


16 %

Don’t Mind

16 %


8 %


8 %


4 %

Girls Prefer

Nice Guys

38 %

Bad Guys

15 %

Blend of Both

34 %

Any man I can get

6 %

Guys Prefer

The modern career girl

42 %

The girl next door type

34 %

The hottie

24 %

Online Dating Facts

A woman’s desirablility online peaks at 21

At 26, Women have more online pursuers than men

By 48, Men have twice as many online pursuers as Women

Men lie most about; Age, Height, Income

Women lie most about: Weight, Physical Build, Age


statistics on online dating ? stats about on internet dating ? how many people use online dating sites ? what percentage of women men use online dating websites ? how many marriages began online ? number of people who use online dating sites ? percent of people who met online ? percent of marriages that began with online dating ?
Interesting stats Free,as you said it is an American Survey.
I think on several levels it is different for us over fifties and non -American sites
Here (NZ) in the main dating site the stats are similar for men  & women of any ages.
quick calculation shows about just under 43% women  
eg as I'm writing this now

total online =      9359    
men online =      5356   
women online = 4003    

 Now it is the variables that would be interesting,I wonder if Graham could give us the stats for this site,as it might be a truer indication of over fifties.
Another thought,as we age there will be more women the older we get,because sorry lads,but women live longer... 
So if women's  desirability peaks at 21yrs  GIRLS !!! we are in trouble on here   :wink:
and men you must be very happy as by 48, men have twice as many online pursuers as Women

Love to see if that is the perception of members on here. 
Hi Jaffa, yes, it would interesting to see the stats for this site, as an indication. i think generally speaking, people join dating sites, and do not use them after the novelty has worn off, and as was said before, this site seems more of a " find a friend site" because it is very hard to contact people here...after sending a smile and recieving a smile, then what ? pay a monthly subscription to follow a smile up?? i suppose it depends on each individual how far they want to go, but on a personal note, i would pay the monthly, if i thought i was getting on well with someone and we both wanted to take it further, but its impossible to tell on a smile!!

Im not tight , but i do think the forums have more use than anything else.
Yes Free,
 there appear to be two types of members,people who just want to interact with others and maybe on the side,might find a partner.This is the main reason I'm here,to meet people and others that their main objective is to find a partner
 I learnt it is better to use a site that is from your country if you actually want to date and ones that successfully block scammers,the two main ones here both allow you to chat with other members for free,you can  filter for free,ie control who contacts you,you can also upgrade to get all the bells and whistles.They are for all ages though,one has an over fifties message board,I lurk in one with my profile disabled,so I don't get bombarded every time I go to read the message boards.  
I have never paid for a date and I am not starting now

Talking to people is so easy (for me) I just start saying something next thing you know we have been chatting in a supermarket, or a furniture shop even in a toy shop , book store for good 1/2 hour.


Ya mean you can't tell the different by just looking at their face, all that make up? :wink:
Good points Jaffa,   there  are lots of reasons i suppose , why people use these sites, ... i too find it easy to talk to people broadcaster , but hey, we are both on here are we not? and Stardaisy , i didnt get your post , forgive me lol. :o
Hey Free, you are forgiven as you are the one gentleman that respect others including ladies in this site. :D