I do respect people Stardaisy,  And  what a nice thing to say,  Thank You Stardaisy.  :oops:
What a well balanced reply.  You sound like a positive and nice person.
Hopefully you have now made many friends on here and perhaps someone special.

If not.....I am free!! 

redman86 wrote: Well the one thing that people can't say is that sites like this prevent you from meeting a partner. So what is there to lose?

There will always be a mismatch in expectation / result because it is not exclusively a dating site - some people merely want to make friends; some want to make friends and find that special someone; some only want to find Mr or Ms Right.

One's view of the success of the site will be driven by which of those categories you fall into.

If you ARE looking for the perfect partner you have to accept that you might not meet them here  - AND your chances of success will not be enhanced simply by sending smiles to every woman / man who logs on regardless of whether your profiles seem compatible, and wondering why you are not getting replies!

Hope this helps! :)   
LadyCruella wrote:
alex59uk wrote: I believe that more than 95% of dating agencies' female members are an assortment of time wasters, gold diggers and dreamers in cloud cuckoo land, who keep waiting for that knight in shining armour on a white horse, who strangely, never shows up! I am sure that those females who are genuine, the 5% or less or who do not fall in the category I mentioned, may feel the same can be said for male members. My opinion, for what it's worth is that you cannot manufacture a partner. I think that dating agencies, in the main, are just a production line for manufactured meets that paradoxically never happen. As such, I think that the vast majority of them are just a money making scam for opportunists, whose members are a mere number that contributes to their income. Hence, as I've always said, if you don't meet somebody by a twist of fate, i.e. a chance meeting in a park, museum, supermarket, or dare I say it, at arranged group meets such as on this site, then, sadly, it ain't gonna happen.

That is really sad to hear as I just paid a membership fee - hopefully I will be able to come back and tell you otherwise. Keep positive, show your genuine side and be brave enough to trust your instinct.
Good luck at the supermarket (which is the best aisle for meeting people btw?)


Learn about all the selections of the wines in the wine and spirit isle. You always see people who are looking puzzled not knowing what to select. Make an assessment of what would you like to serve at a dinner table with them and recommend a middle price range bottle.

I did that once and the last question I asked was "now you have the wine would you like to share it?" Of course in a joking manner and added ....." I will go dutch". We had dinner next week.


jaffa33 wrote: men have twice as many online pursuers as women

Oh yeah, all kinds...swamped. That's why I spend every night alone, and haven't had a date since...um...??? What year is this? I guess since my last horrifying date. And the horrifying one before that. And the horrifying one before that. Really looking forward to my next horrifying date. I'm up for it, believe me.
the whole sentence was ...

" So if women's desirability peaks at 21yrs GIRLS !!! we are in trouble on here :wink: and men you must be very happy as by 48, men have twice as many online pursuers as Women !!!! "

 which was a tongue and cheek reference to some of the statistics from Freemanow's post.. 
Jaffa33 wrote: Rod, the whole sentence was ...

And why do you feel that needs pointed out to me? Unless.... Oh wow...YES...I missed the whole rest of that sentence...and how it was meant! I'm having one of those *DUH* days...good thing you helped me out there, else...oh dear!...brain's turned to pudding! Can't hardly make sense of nothin' here, without help. I got the Alz-z-z-z-z-zheimer's and brain worms, too. And let me tell you, between the two afflictions? The latter is the worst one...'cause I can hear them chewing!!!! And let me tell you, when that's going on inside a person's skull, it's not fun! It's like the noisy popcorn eaters in a theatre, right behind you - munch munch munch! - stuff the face, why not. Except in my case, it's brain matter gets munched. Doc says, if those friggin' worms keep on eating my brain...I got serious trouble brewin'.

Anyway. Thanks for the help, love. Still puzzled, though.
I hope no women on here get the idea brain worms are infectious. Doc says: not. They seem to be highly focussed on mine...and I get the impression mine tastes good.
I half heartedly thought..no Jaffa don't respond to Rod because all he is doing is looking for argument,that came straight after ..and his man wonders why his dates go so horrifyingly wrong, :lol:  
Wrong attitudes and no wit will not win any dates.

The sour and frowning face is a recipe for disaster.

Humour wins the day.

If you can crack some funny stuff women love that. Try it. Nothing ventured nothing gained.



jaffa33 wrote: all he is doing is looking for argument

You are so full of yourself, and *it*. I will decline to define *it*...'cause it rhymes with a rude word. Have a nice day and I appreciate your psychic parents passing on their psychic genes to you and making you so very psychic. You can just scan my head from a great distance and know what I'm looking for...ya! Where's the smilie for Lurch's ehh-ehh-ehh-ehh? Dang...can't find that one.
jaffa33 wrote: I half heartedly thought..no Jaffa don't respond to Rod

Next time, I suggest you give it more than a 'half a heart' thought. You've characterized me unfairly...incorrectly...without knowing me, at all - it seems trying to smear me, with your clueless guessing. Why? You seem rather arrogant, I might add. Small mind and arrogance tend to go together. Much less common in bright people. So in future, Jaffa, I suggest you give it a whole heart thought. Put your entire pumper into it, before you cook up your next disparaging little twinkie, with the valve thing you apparently use to think with.

I'm here, like most others, in the hope of finding someone to connect with and love; respect and cherish. It's my only reason for being here. Aside from maybe share my sense of humor. Not that I can prod that out of myself often. It requires applying pliers to my toes...then YOW! I can feel a funny coming on. You presume...and that's giving you the benefit of the doubt.

What have I said? Presumption is one of the worst habits of women. Extremely common. And they almost invariably get it wrong. Presumption is assumption based on brain noise, and little else. Suggest you try to avoid it in future.
jaffa33 wrote: and his man wonders why his dates go so horrifyingly wrong

No..I don't wonder. I know. It's because there are so many horrifying women. Now that definitely requires a smilie. Just kidding, everyone! Maybe. :lol:
You might want to ask yourself Rod  " why is it I attract all the horrifying women ? What part do I have in this? "
LifesaDance wrote: You might want to ask yourself Rod " why is it I attract all the horrifying women ? What part do I have in this? "

Why is it you use the word "all"? A popular word, but I've certainly not met all the horrifying women. In that regard, I feel blessed. I leave it to other men, to meet them. They get to "luck out".

I do not wear a sign that says, "I'd like to meet crazy. Can you help me out?"

I do not knowingly meet crazy women. I find out after I meet them. Which means I have talked to them, some.

Initially...they pass the check list. (I have one. Converse first, meet second. Apparently crazy? Apparently not.) I'll give you an example of horrifying. She worked in a public school, as a librarian...and when I met her, she made it sound like she worked in a war zone, in Afghanistan, fighting the Taliban. I merely questioned that...which provoked instant rage. GRRR! She huffed off. Very upset. So I calmly sat with my tea...alone...feeling relief. Sitting alone can be much nicer. I want to meet someone...but not a crazy woman.

If there is some kind of cologne, known to attract ditzes...I've never purchased any! It's curious to me why you'd even suggest that maybe I do something to attract them. I've asked myself that question. And cleared myself. For I am sane and try hard to be a gentleman. I do my best to avoid the horrifying ones. That's why I like to talk first, before I meet someone.

Is it because your dates have all gone well? You assume everyone's sane...so give them the benefit of the doubt? I could...but then...fair chance...I'd end up with someone horrifying. Best to find out early on...first cup...is my theory. But I don't do snap judgement. I'm talking about women who could earn certificates.

Another example. She kept calling me by the name of the apartment building I lived in. "Dashwood". She finally admitted...her head once slammed into a windshield. Now I could feel pity - that's a bummer - but that could mean being called "Dashwood" for the rest of my life.