I’ve just noticed that my e mail address is showing on my profile, which is not something that I would agree too.
It states that an email address will not be. displayed but it is. I cannot delete it either.
I do not like this and I’d like it removed please.
i think it only shows when you look at your own profile. I just looked at yours and there is no email address. I looked at mine and saw my email address.
Now dont you think i do a better job than G of looking after the members of 50 plus?
I believe that only you can see that. I can see it on my profile but don't see it on yours when I looked at it. There also should be a little blue i next to it that when you click it it says that the information shall remain confidential.
Okay thank you both. I’ve had a look and get where I went wrong. Thank you both again.