I had an offer from a man in a dating site once, to clean my house,but the condition was he did it naked  :lol:
Hope he was fit  :lol:  you got his address  :lol:
yes he was and a CEO,but not quite my thing... :
was tempted though..
hmm clean house....wink:
There was a research done in Scotland. They were finding that male salmon slowly over the years was starting to resemble  to the female salmon, in fact changing sex.

Took a few years to find out the reason

In the UK it is considered if the water is below 13ppm (part per million) purity it is safe and drinkable. In fact it is the legal requirement for the water authorities to keep to that level.

It was found that purifying samples of the Scottish rivers even to 1ppm could not get rid of the residue left from a female hormone which is used in manufacture of contraceptive pills. 

Does this have anything to do with the male generation today not being the same as the male generation of say 60 years ago? (I am threading here carefully)

Also have you noticed how some  12 or 13 year old girls are so well developed one can mistake them for 20 year old or so. You won't know until they open their mouth to speak that they are kids.

I for one never drink water. Its always drink tea or Coke


Coke? LOL one day my Dad showed me what Coke can do, from then on I refuse to drink Coke.
Something in the water? :?

How about Saint Aelred? King William Rufus? Centurion and pais (paidika)?

Homosexuality is not new unless one considers 5000 years of recorded history new.. And doing dishes and liking colourful decor does not signify homosexuality either.

As for the girls: Let's see.......Jane Mansfield, Dolly Parton, Rue McClanahan and so many others....all well endowed at 11 years old.

Golly gee



A dog and a glass of something stronger than water perhaps? :wink:
Broadcaster wrote: I for one never drink water.

Same here. I won't say never, but 99% ditto. Milk's better. If it didn't cripple a cow, and have it walking across a field on its knees, it probably won't mess me up.

Foo tap water. There has to be a reason why more and more people are dumb.

Protect thy neurons. It should be taught in school. Me as teacher. (Principal's on my case a lot, but so what.)

"Many of you in this classroom will abuse your brains, as adults...with drugs, alcohol, television, sports, lotteries, cell phones, politics, religion...in innumerable ways." Then the classic skillet demonstration. I'd hold up an egg. "This is your brain. In some cases...it likely did come from a chicken." I'd crack it open and drop the runny part into the hot pan. Sizzle.

"This is your brain on drugs, kids. Now...watch. This is your brain on drugs and water." Glass of water added to the pan. *FOOSH!* Big cloud of steam and pan's spitting out everywhere. Scary. "See? That is even nastier. Add water...that is sure to poach your brain, real good."

"Get this in your heads, children. Tap water is a known neurotoxin. You think it's just water. But never trust your kitchen tap."

Probably some complaints from parents. Weirding out their kid? I'd tell the principal: that's so unfair. Tap water is on the list of conspiracy theories, sir. :-)
LOL Calcium and water eh? Rod oh and don't forget the fat in milk that is what it is all made out of.

Get a glass of water and add calcium as well as fat from the side of pork and there you have milk without crippling the cow.
Well that went well,
In short,
Met a woman who seemed to like me
She moved in some three months later
Kind of knew she was hung up about her ex
She made excuses about going away at weekends to see her son, fair enough
Weekends became long weekends
Long weekends became weeks
She moved her stuff out yesterday after three years

Oh well we go again
It took you three years to put up with her?