Hey is there anyone who can recommend a English to German translator, on line? 
Hi Polarqueen,
The GOOGLE translator will do a pretty good job. I speak both languages, but used the Google one to translate many pages of my mothers diary from German to English. Of course none is perfect, so after the translation I went over it and only had to correct a few words or turn the sentence "around". It does many languages, and automatically recognizes the one you like to translate.
Cheers and Good luck!
Ok thank you I will try it...Have a great day 
Yes I use Google translate too and have the app on my phone so can get instant translations by first setting which languages to translate from and to, then pointing camera at text and pressing camera icon. Magic! :D
Hi Polarqueen,
if you don't want to translate just a few words or phrases try leo.org
That's what I do when I'm short at words .....
bonjour ! i'm a frenchman and 'i'm trying write and read in english whithout a translator!!
If anyone is serious about learning how to speak English (and I recommend this to many English speakers, also), at Cambridge University's Assessment English page there are many free activities to help you improve your spoken and written English.