CelesteB wrote: I’m getting so tired of the phonies. What part of my profile do you not get.
I DON'T LIKE FAKE OR DISHONEST PEOPLE. I’m not going to give out any personal information after just a couple of emails. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!!!!
It could take months before it could happen, but it would take trust among everything else.
I’ve met some very nice people on here and I’ve met scum. So far, the nice people are out numbering the scum – thank goodness.
When I say I’m looking for an honest person I mean just that. I don’t have a “user” name, my name is Celeste and I don’t play games. I’m honest with whomever I am emailing with or chatting to in the chat room. Maybe that makes me naïve, or old fashion, but I believe in honestly.
So, if you're into games and not the real McCoy - pass on by.
Thanks for letting me vent.

people who look for partners of opposite sex in chats are nuts-------- better off in nightblubs/bars------ or social clubs
I am fortunate to have met you here in chat Celeste. Hang in there. Some of us are true and honest and I for one have no expectations of any chatterer other than fun conversation - which I get most of the time.
As usual brian is correct or mostly correct. of course it is possible to find love in a chat but i would think very rare. bars and nightclubs are fine to find drinkers and party folks. if that is what your looking for. what about just walking through the neighborhood you meet plenty of new people that way. outdoor people can join a jogging, hiking or skiing group just to name a few. not a outdoor type join a reading group at a library. volunteer someplace in your community. whatever your interests there is bound to be a group with the same. maybe you should stick to just chatting until the covid vaccine comes out meanwhile plan you future moves