Anyone interested in essential oils and to share?
I like to use essential oils to bathe in or to make the home smell pleasant and welcoming.

Lavender is my number 1 choice.

I use lavender mixed with sea salt in the bath.
Clary Sage, Eucalyptus and Orange oil are goid to.
Good choice Marrwyck. I have a big collection of oils. I am Do terra advocate and Zija international. Lately I diffuse sweet orange, patchouli and jasmine. I like to use different oils every night. Depends on my mood. My favorite is cheer from Do terra.
I have an extensive collection of essential oils, a gift left by my late wife Annie.
I am beginning to explore the possibilities. Currently I find Lavender, Sandalwood and Patchouli to be soothing.
I haven't gone through all the bottles to give a sniff test, there are a couple dozen or more, not sure I found them all yet.
Most are Do terra with some P&J and others.
I'm guessing there was a substantial investment in such volume and diversity.
RandyMas Do terra is one of the best brands. I will not advertise here, but if you need advice I can give you. I am Do terra rep. Try the mixed brands. There is oil for everything.