where does it end?
this racism and hate
will there come a day?
i've had all i can take

so many colors
to live side by side
and brighten a world
where the colors have died

peace and harmony
still knock on our door
knocking and waiting
but still we ignore

all the King's men
have come and they've gone
He brought us a Dream
that we could be one

a Dream so bright
for a moment i thought
surely we'll listen
how could we not?

but the days stay dark
too dark to see
when all of the faces
should look just like me  
Wow! Heavy, man. This one I will have to read ten times before I can get it all in. Excellent!
Wonderful, Jay. Many people would like to have a world of love and acceptance, a place where we are allowed to simply be and not be ridiculed and harmed because of who we are. Changes have come. Many more I hope are still to come. 
Thank you, ladies. And I agree, Miz, and what a world it would be.
Whoa, Jazen.  Excellent. xo 
Jay you are quite talented what a beautiful poem!
Jay, this is beautiful and so heartfelt like all your work!  I believe in possibilities.  And, I don't think planet earth is completed yet.  We just have to have the courage to come from our heart.  Always.