Website gives your business a specific online presence. When you plan to set up a new business then you need to launch a new website for creating its web presence. Launching a business website is a long and painstakingly meticulous process. And the irony is, most of this kind of small business web design solutions rarely end in success. You need to depend on several people like freelancers, designers, consultants and firms to build a single website. This can make your project riddle with unmet deadlines and huge expenditure. Even after all these money and hard work, companies hardly see a return on investment.

Restricted Web Hosting: If you are planning a small business then you probably don't need a whole lot of web space. You don't certainly need a 10GB of web space and 100GB of band width every month for your small business, do you? Then you should not be fooled by the web hosts who promise you more space for less money. Define you needs, how much web space you really require? In market, web hosts will offer you deals and which can make you buy them, but these are just to fool you. Even the host knows you don't need large space, and even if you buy you aren't going to use it. So be wise while choosing a web host. You can save a decent chunk through your wise host choice.
Buy one get one free.not for me: A famous Chinese adage says, "Cheat me in price but not in the quality of the product I am buying". Don't let web designing companies cheat you with their enticing deals. Having a several pages website within a certain amount is easy, but these kinds of advertisements are just to swindle you, because no one can get you a pre defined budget for a web site. Website designing depends on several people and it's a custom fitting job. Your company website is your business tool, and should be developed to specifications that can appositely compliment your business. If you compromise your website, then you might compromise with your business popularity.
Home work is must: Thinking without doing and doing without thinking, both are useless. The worst mistake you do while developing a website is starting it before doing the required research. Before you begin your project is clear about the web host, content, domain name and layout. These are the fields which can affect your cost and if you are well prepared before starting then you almost won half the battle.
No comparison please: All businesses are different as per their need and requirements. Keep in mind comparing your site with others can give you a negative impact. Some sites may require heavy graphics and applets hence they are costly, but your websites requirements might differ from them. So don't compare works, because comparison can make you think about others more than about your own website. Be mindful of differences of business and understand what your provider is doing for you.
Be simple and sober: Understand the need of your website. Unless you have some out of the box need, your site is basically, to provide information about your product/services or company. Hence your site should be easy to use and to navigate. Visitors might not spend a lot of time to know about your site functionality, so you should make your site more user-friendly. If your site has new age heavy graphics, it's difficult to load and users can't find it easy to use then you might lose valuable clients.
With regards to web design and the previous post about not needing bandwidth and disc space as a small business - not so. I have a requirement for much bandwidth and got sucked into iPage which was a scam from my perspective. If you need a shopping cart and have a lot of product and pictures to list - then you do need bandwidth, and many companies (Big Commerce, iPage, Vollusion etc) will start out telling you it is only x amount per month but then they will charge your credit card ever increasing amounts for bandwidth usage. I ended up buying shopping cart software for a one time licensing fee and my own server so that bandwidth is not an issue. Now, I am building the online store and looking at extended validation SSL certificates. It used to be that an SSL certificate was all you needed. Now things have changed since those SSL certificates have been frequently hacked into. In addition, when you do your research, be aware that much of that so-called research is the company trying to sell you something under the guise of forums, biased ads etc. Everything is a process and technology is especially so since most of us in our age group were not raised knowing programming language, PHP, mySQL etc. and are stymied by some of this stuff. One thing that is true is that web development is a great deal of work, but eCommerce is also one of the fastest growing economies in the world.