Hello, I am looking to serve a Mistress in a FLR relation,have already served 24/7 with total control given to the superior partner over all aspects of my live with no question.

Hi... I have always been attracted by smart intelligent and assertive women. In a partnership there is always sharing common grounds and leadership ... a woman who is self assured and assertive inspires trust right away and make communication easier.
I used to be in such a relationship and it was very good. Very little conflict because she had the last word and that was accepted. I think us guys enjoy keeping the lady happy and it's quite natural.
The problem with many peoples understanding of FLR is that oft times it is confusing. Most view it as the dominitrix/masochist lifestyle. This causes many women to turn their noses up at it.
An FLR is an agreement between a couple that she leads the relationship.
in most cases this takes place in a traditional successful relationship. Such as a member here saying yes dear. Or where women control the finances and makes most household decisions. Of course this is the mildest form. Some FLR couples she sets basic guidelines and rules both agree on. Some are simple and basic some are more demanding. it is about respect and understanding each others needs. some couples have a need for her leadership to be more absolute. they discuss but she has the final say. setting rules for chores, rules to satisfy the success of their relationship and obedience to the woman,s authority.
Some are are even more exact where the woman trains her man into obedience, how to please her including sexually. this is where some men wear chastity cages with her as the keyholder, where domestic discipline usually rooted in corporal punishment I/e spankings for disobedience or violating set rules. She is his queen and his role is to make her happy and satisfied.
Other types include kink play , bdsm training etc.
For any of these types to work the woman must be responsible but also loving . his submission to her is a need he feels and he wishes to please her and make her happy. he is a willing participant. all of these types should be discussed and both partners willing to really be in this life. many men live an exciting life under her rule and control.
So some that have commented negatively here, why do you care how a couple lives their lives. It is not like you could tell when a couple is in an FLR in society. her control of him around other persons is so subtle. Also the men here that ridicule sub men probably watch dominitrix porn while pulling their little willies or pay a dominitrix. Those that enter the lifestyle loves it. It gives the woman hearts desire and fullfills a mans fantasies that he can be open with his miss about.
If I ever reply to a year old post by people who have gone,
Put me in a home with nice nurses , and a 24hr bar,
I Will die very happy or very drunk.
You sound like Father Jack Hackett from Father Ted! :lol:
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scrummy wrote: If I ever reply to a year old post by people who have gone,
Put me in a home with nice nurses , and a 24hr bar,
I Will die very happy or very drunk.
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Sla'inte agatstsa scrum
Chastity cages ?? Why don't you think about how men and women are supposed to be attracted to each other with their minds and hearts,, the simple closeness and touch of one another brings them together , mentally and physically. Just my opinion....
Ta Taz ar caint As Gaeilge, Maith an fearr Taz, Maith an Fearr,
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Big G a few yrs ago , Radio Times did a survey thingy amongst British comedians,
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+2 (or +624, as the case may be :wink: ) to the original post. An overtly female-led relationship is the only relationship for me.

Did we ever see the creation of a dedicated discussion group for this? I'm new here and not sure how the site is set up yet, but I saw something in the "welcome" email I received about starting a group myself. If that's an option and I can find where/how it's done, maybe I'll do it if it hasn't been done yet. Despite my always being a little disappointed when I discover a forum about female-led relationships is created/run by a man...

Ooh...just found a good, balanced article on FLRs. :)