I think Morton1 has a good ghost story in her profile, care to check hers out?
:lol: yes I do, there are photos in my gallery, sent them to paranormal experts ,their reply was the are left scratching their heads. but would love to do come and investigate the house. but there are believers and people who are sceptics. believe what you want  lol, but I will not go back there :shock:    x
Hi Mort
found the pictures WOW!! 
but not the story..
do tell 
:lol:   where do I begin?.  OK,I will  try, and  keep it short, .moved in to the house when I was about 7 or 8 yrs old. from day one did not like the house it just made me feel scared don't know why it just did.but when I got older things just got worst,at the age of 11, playing hide and seek with my younger sisters and brother,I hid at the top of the stairs so I could peek around the corner to see if they where coming up the stairs but has I looked in the bedroom facing me I saw a boy looking back at me. the boy was like looking at a black and white photo he just stood there smiling at me. he was dressed in pants that came to his knees, long white socks,looked like tights and shoes with buckles on,he had a jacket that matched the pants but it was the tie that  was unusual it was like string tied in a bow. keep in mind this happend  in the day time. even though it must have been only seconds I still have that picture of that boy engraved in brain forever :lol:  . I was that scared that I did not run down the stairs, I jumped them. so that is how it all began.for years living in that house was my nightmare. no one believed me, things just got worst, from my things going missing to voices growling at me. it was not till years later  when I left the house to start my own family that my mum and other members started to experience just a little of what I did. so moving on to these photos taken,for me just validates there was something in that house and still is. I have loads more to tell but did say I would keep this short :lol:    sorry I have gone a bit.x 
jaffa33 wrote: was referring to genealogy candle..
but love a good ghost story too!! 

Hi Jaffa, that is why I added the last sentence to my post.

The mood of the answers seemed to be drifting towards 'Things that go bump in the night', that's all.
I love those bump in the night stories.
New Years Eve I was with the kids witing for bells to ring etc. when there was an almighty crash in the hall, thought it was an intruder. We dashed out to see, and the wall clock was on the floor on the opposide side of the hall. To scare the kids I said "someone is going to die" - next day my brother in law, 40, died of a heart attack. The clock had not fallen, it had smashed across the hall from one wall to the other, there is a story in our family that a picture falls off the wall to signify a death, in this case it was a clock.
Hi Someone, you got me laughing at this one...not the poor guy that suffered a too early demise, just the fact that you attribute the falling of the clock to be connected to it.

Did anyone check how it had been stood on the floor..the level of the floor?...Houses move you know...lolol.
All I can say candle,is this I would love to be standing with you.if anything happened to you, you could not explain like seeing an apparition or someone talking in your ear that you could not see. I can just imagine the expression on your face.you would have to pick me up of the floor I would be laughing that much.or it would be a fight to see who could get out of the door first. just joking but I understand seeing it with your own eyes, would be the only way for sceptics to believe that things can go bump in the night or the day time. xx
Hi Mort, I once read a well written article on the super-natural, and the author ended up with the sentence..."You might not believe in ghosts, just don't try to convince anybody that's seen one."

I thought it was a refreshing approach to the subject; somewhat like you...eh?

My question to you is, has this experience altered your outlook on death? Do you, for instance, have less fear of it knowing/believing that there is life after the fact. so to speak.

As an old retired Design Engineer, I can tell you the first rule in Thermo Dynamics, one cannot invent or destroy energy completely. We can alter it's form, but we never get out more than we put in.

On the assumption that we are energy while alive...using this rule, what happens to that energy when our body gives in?

Maybe we go around trying to open doors with handles we cannot get hold of...lol.
Hi Candle, yes it did alter my outlook on death, I know now that death is not the end of us when we die. I believe that we live in on, but not has we once where. like you said energy. maybe that is what our spirit is. I just live with comfort that when my daughter died I know she has not gone completely.,and we will meet again when my time comes. I would be lying if I said I did not fear death, I just do not like the the thought of dying in pain, I am a wimp  :lol:. has for trying to open door handles we can not get hold of, look at the second photo this spirit or what ever you want to call it  did move the handle.  :shock:  xxx
Hi  I'm interested in genealogy - have been tracing family tree for a few years now - and am grinding a bit to a halt.  Have had some trouble finding relatives from Ireland... but I guess that's normal?
Crockface wrote: i like dead interesting people best

Ha ha ... good reply.  Have you found any yet?
Hi Patetal
I too had trouble with the Irish side of my family, as all I have is names but no location.I did notice that] Findmypast  has updated their irish records,,haven't looked yet. 
It has been a while since I have done any genealogy..but did love it as a hobby,have you tried Tribalpages"it is a great site to do a free tree,i have several on different sites so if I lose one I have backup..those ancestors sure can mount up ! :lol:
I research family histories and World War 1 servicemen. 
There is a rumour going around that there may be a lost soul trapped in the purgatory that possibly has worked her way through the ether of the internet into the site.

I don't know .........I am not here often but I know a very good Catholic priest  exorcist. Let me know if you need him. I am serious

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