Scammers were not something I was expecting, as my post (above) shows. But now I'm aware, I can spot the oh! so gorgeous 25 year-old who speaks 15 languages and wants to send me some photos to my normal email tomorrow.

Basically, I understand she is going to send a Trojan horse which will eat up my hard drive and make it even slower than it is already, pinch all the money from my bank and delete all my friends.

A quick click on the correct button alerts the management and they will delete the member in next to no time. And then when they come back as someone slightly different, you do the alert and they do the delete. And sooner or later the scammer gives up, I hope.
Golden Rule, if its to good to be true it's not. If he/she is everything you wanted and he/she wants personnel contact info after the first email....again its not true.
If after talking in chat, or exchanging emails etc, for months, and you still haven't done a back ground check, I have a bridge in New York I can sell you :lol: .
Always take the defensive position, and guard your assets(this includes your heart). Until you can verify the person you are talking too, use caution.
It's not rocket science. Its just good sense.
If he/she seems offended at your request for a background check....jump on the "I am outta of here train" and don't look back.
This is your "come to the church of whats happening"moment, and use caution.
B0BBYboy wrote: Hi all, very interesting conversation topic with some very good points made. We call them FAKES where I come from, and I've been on just about every social dating website you could imagine! I personally stay clear of any profile without a photo, and preferably with a few more photos in their gallery, as anyone can use a FAKE photo for their profile. Also the more information you give about yourself, shows other people that you are more than likely to be genuine candidate. In other words, the real thing! Last but not least, it also helps if the person in concern is CERTIFIED! p.s @LUMINALUMA I just read your post, and checked out your profile, and I find you to be an extremely interesting lady, and would love to get to know you more! At least for some friendship and conversation if you like. I am a UK citizen, raised in Australia and N.Z, and currently living in Germany, the rest you can find out for yourself if you like. Wayne

B0BBYboy, I liked Luminaluna's post below very much too. Of cause here are real people looking for communication. However, with regard to you words in bold below (or above? )) ), i would like to remind "that everything you tell about yourself can be used against you." and I-net remembers everything (am i not too paranoic? :) )

So i believe it's more interesting to learn someone's views on various issues rather than personal details, which can be faked as well. And when you learn the views of the person and see what you have in common, you will feel if you want to learn more about him or her and if you would like to share your personal info with him or her. Faked characters, I think, will not waste time discussing issues, they have their own aims and have t work to achieve them. ))
dbguy49 wrote: I have read all the posts and am absolutely disgusted that there are reprobate blackguards (and I use the word without apologies) who will prey on you fine ladies.

Well I am here to remedy this and to restore your faith in the male character. I am descended from a long line of noble patricians of unassailable integrity and propriety. And am here to provide you with a preemptive strategy to safely navigate your way thru the dating or social interaction with ALL beings male.... even if you are the most innocent ingenue.

For a nominal investment I will reveal this foolproof method.

Contact me at A-1 Mannerly Man Inc; Lucky 7 Boulevard of Dreams; PO BOX 401k.. for arrangements to get your gold embossed "You aint fooling me __________" rejection letter.

There is no time to lose. Your next date may be the one which takes you to the poor house!
:lol: :lol: :lol:
Yes Fresken, your absolutely right! Just to point out that maybe I could have worded that better! I would never suggest that you give all your personal information to everyone, rather if you see a profile with very little information about that person, then the chances are they are not legitimate. Possibly illiterate, or just plain lazy, but I doubt it!
Ps. In regard to my comment on Profil photos, for me it's more a personal choice, as I would much prefer to see the person I am speaking with!
Well Bobby, I think that a completed profile can't guarantee anything at all as it can be fraud. And absence of photo (which also can turn to be faked) offers scope for imagination.))))

Though have to admit that i also prefer to see the person I'm speaking with. :wink:
Iv been scammed twice and only just started in this path
Polarqueen wrote: They always call me gorgeous , beautiful,pretty, etc right off the top. 

hmmm how would they know? you don't have a picture.

incidentally, i think you're gorgeous not because of looks i have never seen but for your personality

That makes me gorgeous, too, I guess. How wrong you are lol