Hello to all on this site, I am a newcomer to this site but have tried a few of the "dating" sites before stumbling on to this. I absolutely love the ability to chat with so many here. I've been seeking ways to make friends and hoping to eventually find love and a partner to share life with. If anyone has any suggestions on how else to meet new people and develop relationships I would love to read about it. The other sites I've been on have only lead to men who are looking for companionship and no commitment. I have hope that I'll find love. What else do we do to find our partner?

Hoping to find love

wish I knew Tammy bc I am in the same boat. I do feel common interests help and lately I have been using social media to discuss a lot of 'issues' lately which tends to bring out people's personality, one friend of mine met her bf that way.
I have been dating online for almost two years now after a sudden divorce (after 45 years of marriage!) left me alone and without hope. It ended up being a blessing but I am still lonely. So I started on "Match.com" and was instantly grabbed by a pro scammer from Nigeria. Wanted me to launder money. In all I have probably talked many times to about 25 guys and 11 of them ended up being scammers!! I got so I had certain questions to ask to sort out the scammers but the last one is still saying that he isn't a scammer and will refund all of my money! RIGHT! I guess I fall in love easily because it doesn't take much to charm me and these guys are GOOD! They even check out when I run background checks on them! OUCH! I was a realtor and always ran backgrounds on my clients. Anyway I have a man right now that is supposed to come for me on Tuesday and I have my fingers crossed. We have been texting, emailing and calling since January so we will see. I have found that ZOOSK is one of the best dating sites and I have not run into any scammers there at all. Nice guys too! There is some activity on Facebook and of course CraigsList. SeniorPeopleMeet.com isn't bad either. Good Luck.
I have been on so many dating sites.with several prospects the longest of 7 mo.it was a scam.he just disappeared.a couple days ago.totally broke my heart.im new here.im glad I'm not in this alone .I'm just looking for love.was married for 25 yrs .raised 3 kids.now I'm alone and i don't like it.is they're any real men looking for the same
Glad to be here.
Hello everyone I am impressed on the readings I find about scammers I too have been hit by about 10 of these so called scammers in the last two weeks but thanks to our high class site team working from the background they are so busy monitoring these scammers on a daily bases, I myself detected and reported about 4 of these in the last two weeks and on nearly every occasion I get a message from one of the team saying that this was a scammer and has now been removed and banned from the site.

My thoughts are now on the ladies who are receiving these messages from genuine members and are too scared to open them in case its scam mail, Let me tell you I am a certified member on this site and I believe my mail is being treated as scam mail ??? about three weeks ago I had to delete approximately 40 unread/unopened messages simply because more than likely the recipients treated them as scam mail and then dump them in the recycle bin unopened, this is the wrong way to go about things you are not helping the site any by doing this and you are preventing them from catching these so called scammers. PLease open up your mail and play detective and help to run these scammers off the site, I am on the lookout all the time for a scammer, I never seem to find a darling amongst them.

Only last night 07/08/17 I sent this female a smile and about an hour later received a reply that she wanted to talk after seeing my proflie and that she had links to Scotland where I am from so she says lets talk, alas I have picked up the first clue that this is a scammer I am dealing with and to tread thinly, you see the name I had first messaged had digits at the end of her name ie 010 the girl (or so called girl) her name ended with 001 this told me to beware Bill she is out to get you. She told me she was from New York (I knew that because her status said that) .and that she had a sister living in Enbrugh I corrected her by saying Edinburgh (the 2nd slip up) then she said she was coming to Scotland would I like to meet up I said sure when is this likely to be she replied 11th Aug I said thi Friday she said yes I am in Ghana now waitning on a flight to the UK at this point I said Bye because Ghana is the main drug supply route to the UK and all she was after was a secure address in the Uk to fulfill her journey. Next morning I reported her to Graham and not long after I received a message from him saying that the site had detected this scammer earlier and she was now removed and banned from the site. I now feel that I have now paid premium rates to become a Scammer detective on here because members are very reluctant to open mail just in case its scam, Ladies if you are reading this please open up your mail and let the site staff detect these scammers if you get them, check who sent first and open their profile if it has certified below the name then that profile is genuine and safe to open, its a shame to see good reputable sites like this deteriiate all because of
scammers WHY !!!
Thank you for that. It never crossed my mind there would be scammers here. I will be careful to keep that in mind when anyone contacts me.
who are the scammers and what do they do? I understand that they are not looking for relations but for smth different, but how do they act?
It is difficult to trust, difficult to understand other person. But it is even more difficult to meet this person. And that the love was that tenderness was - the reciprocity is necessary. Each person at any age needs love. I wish all to meet love. No matter where, it is important that you have met her and have wanted communication, live, real and beautiful. I look for love too.
Hi, all, a few thoughts:

1. This community has been a lifeline for me during a painful time in my life as I have adjusted to the reality of my marriage of 25+ years ending. I have been confused, angry, depressed, lonely, manic--you name it, I've been it. I've made good friends here, both male and female.
2. I can testify that Bill is a good guy ;-) He's one of the first people who "friended" me and let me know about scammers.
3. I still don't understand the scammers, but I believe there are online predators. The team here is very good at catching/filtering these. Usually if I get a message in my inbox that is extra flirty/complimentary and the person gives a number and asks me to contact him (or her a couple of times) off the site, it is a scam. I have learned not to answer right away. If the person's profile is still there in 24 hours and I don't have a message from a 50+ team member that the message has been erased, it's probably legit. I'm still wary of people who come on too strong too fast. The people I know the best here are the ones that I have exchanged letters with over several months. Only after getting to know them do I feel comfortable meeting on Whats App, Skype, or giving my email.
4. Chat is difficult for me. I don't think it works well with my Macbook (doesn't load properly ) and frankly, group chat seems kind of lackluster to me and not a way to really meet friends.
5. My advice is to go slow. Take your time and nurture real FRIENDSHIPS. That's always a good place to start.
6. Trust is difficult to give if you've had your whole world crash down on you and the person who was your everything lied to you and abandoned you, but love can happen again. This much I know. Stay open, don't let bitterness and skepticism consume you, and, if you are like me, don't let fear close you off from taking chances. Nothing ventured ... BUT a healthy dose of caution is a good thing. Any other women whose spouses turned out to be aging Peter Pans want to form a group for friendship and support, let me know.
7. Bottom line: There are some scammers who try to play games here, sure, but there are also real people. Decent people. Kind and loving people. You might just find someone you didn't imagine existed, someone you weren't even looking for, but whose messages make the corners of your mouth curve up and do something strange to your heart.
HI LUMINALUNA, reference to your post No 7 below as you said there are all types of people but you have found some Decent once too who are loving,and their messages make the corners of your Mouth CURVE up and do something strange to you HEART.
Please do share their names so that people in room can add those good people to their list of friends.

7. Bottom line: There are some scammers who try to play games here, sure, but there are also real people. Decent people. Kind and loving people. You might just find someone you didn't imagine existed, someone you weren't even looking for, but whose messages make the corners of your mouth curve up and do something strange to your heart.
Hi all, very interesting conversation topic with some very good points made. We call them FAKES where I come from, and I've been on just about every social dating website you could imagine! I personally stay clear of any profile without a photo, and preferably with a few more photos in their gallery, as anyone can use a FAKE photo for their profile. Also the more information you give about yourself, shows other people that you are more than likely to be genuine candidate. In other words, the real thing! Last but not least, it also helps if the person in concern is CERTIFIED! p.s @LUMINALUMA I just read your post, and checked out your profile, and I find you to be an extremely interesting lady, and would love to get to know you more! At least for some friendship and conversation if you like. I am a UK citizen, raised in Australia and N.Z, and currently living in Germany, the rest you can find out for yourself if you like. Wayne
In my case the scammers are usually really extra good looking, like they walked off a modeling site. They always call me gorgeous , beautiful,pretty, etc right off the top. They always say they wish to know me better, and ask for my text,phone, or email. Usually you can tell the message is written for more than one woman, as it is Ike a script.And always say they love my smile, which is so faint it doesn’t even look like a smile. Most of mine don’t seem to read my profile, as they ask questions already answered on my profile. When we get a “player” which is a guy who tries to have a relationship with several ladies at once, many us of stick together and trade stories to proctect each other. Asking if this guy contacted them also. But there is some really nice gentlemen who come into chat. 
I have read all the posts and am absolutely disgusted that there are reprobate blackguards (and I use the word without apologies) who will prey on you fine ladies.

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