By Jennie Lynne Rennie

Sunny and warm,
late spring.
Grass is green,
flowers blooming.
Fishing Started!
Ahhhhh, fishing,
relaxing and restful
off the dock.
I caught my first,
big, humongous fish!
Brother is envious.
Cousin brings a boat.
Fills up with gas,
brother jumps to dock,
not good,
brother turns around and
jumps back on boat.
still not good,
brother tries to reach for dock,
feet on boat,
hands on dock,
boat drifting,
belly touching water,
brother stretches out,
belling touching more water,
brother jumps in,
only knee deep.
Sister laughing!
She is on knees crying & laughing!
Belly aches.
Cousin receives a free tank of gas,
Brother finally catches a bigger fish.
OMG, I'm still LAUGHING. That is awesome. Your style is so different and I just think its great.. :D