I guess you need a hug, maybe you can stop gossiping in chat what you see on board? Perhaps you won't feel left out with a nice warm fuzzy hug?

I am beginning to think that Chat is a place where they just run down people who are not in there at the moment.  They talk all lovie dovie to each other, then when one leaves, they run her down.  Every time I go in to chat, someone is running someone down to the dirt.  :lol:  
Chat requires more monitors to keep control. Just my Honest Opinion.

Maybe up to a few days ago I was happyhappy to help the recipes the rather's boring fully-functional...

Hhmmm... maybe I'm just a weather-geek...

nut I'll likely het no motr suspenes begns...


We had one for American. Graham is one for the UK time, but when we chat, he is in slumberland.