As many of you witness some unpleasant posting on the forum, it not the first time and I doubt it will be the last time.

When a member attack another member on posts, it will deter other member/s to take part as they will fear they will be attack, some member are not strong enough to defend in it nor do they like unpleasantness. I for one can speak my mind as a lot of you have known me for many years and some not as many and some, just getting to know me. I WILL stand my grounds when I am being attack on the forum.

I know some people get on "Power trip" I don't know why, maybe they felt weak and need to prove their strength by attacking? Who knows...

I must apologize for any unpleasant on the forum as I wasn't expecting an unpleasant attack.
Good post, Daisy, and some very wise words :D