Hi all. Now I live in Ukraine. Planning to move to Orlando. Men and women, I interesting how you live and work in America, cars, love animals, flowers, plants, fond of sports. Want to chat with me, write, be sure to find interesting topics for conversation. Sorry for my weak English language.
I didn't think they had Audi cars in Ukrane.................. Moskovich, Pobeda, Volga, Maz, Lada. Polski Fiat yes and Skoda but Audi ...unbelievable.


 Mutley says...................... "nice looking lady"

Broadcaster, I don't understand. You don't know what cars are there in Ukraine?  :?:  You're joking.  :D
I think the captive audience is waking up to the flippant mood. Always the same always joking ...after all life is full of jokes haven't you heard ? "You make a plan and Him up there bursts in to  laughter?" 



Sorry. I'm looking for friends to understand how people live and work in America. I need knowledge and not a joke.
It is sometimes difficult to figure out what Broadcaster is really saying. But he's a good dog and rarely bites lol :lol:

Greetings from USA - when you said friends in Florida and that you were from Ukraine, I thought maybe you were coming here for a vacation stay or even permanent. Does Ukraine also have a county/province named Florida, like one of our States?

America is quite varied in tastes and cultures. We are truly a "melting pot". Personally I have German and Hungarian heritage. I love cats (I've had as many as 14 in the past while we lived on a farm) and still have just one as my companion}. I also enjoy tropical marine fish and have a rather large aquarium featuring them.

I'm disabled now and have to be on dialysis 3x a week - but before my health problems I had always been self-employed working in the music industry - producing CD's for bands and musicians, some famous and some not so famous. I also provided services for the legal system, law enforcement, churches and even wedding favors! (you can learn more about me in my profile).

How are things on your end? I see in the news a lot of fighting with the Russians. What is it like there?

-DF :)
DaddyFish Thanks for the interesting interview. Now Ukraine is difficult. I didn't live in Florida, but I really want to immigrate. I am preparing the documents.
Many views and nobody wants to talk? I not said so?
Many people here are from European countries, not very many from the USA. I have my own "Over-50's" forum that is made for people from USA and Canada (but all are welome). If you private message me I will provide the address. I can't advertise here :)
Thanks for the information "Over 50's"
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Gatorland was one of the first theme parks in Florida, opening its doors in 1949. Owned by the Godwin Family it has gradually expanded over the years to its present size of 110 acres.
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