Hey all. Time to fire up the ole taste buds and share some recipes in the food forum. Oh and also there is a neat little chat room attached to this site that really is fun, I understand the time difference for some, but what the hell just get em there when they are awake lol. Anyways Im gonna delve back into a former project I started on this site a long time ago, it was a cookbook and due to some recent help from some more technically intelligent than myself have offered to help me with another attempt at the cookbook. So all of ya feel free to post recipes ideas cultural ways of preparing food, its all interesting to read and learn about.
Have fun ya'll
Great idea, Rural. I look forward to reading the recipes and learning how to cook :lol:
Here is one from my website:
Deep Fried Pizza
Excellent Just

Mars bar in batter is a pure comfort food - ask Mick Jagger and Marianne Faithful