I have found some very useful freebies on this site, some not so good but worth a look every day to see what's on offer..Most are full programs with some limitation, usually no back up support... :)

Hi Cliath, entirely my pleasure to share :D
Aiseesoft Total Media Converter 6.2.26 today only.....1401/12

Aiseesoft Total Media Converter is the professional software which can rip DVD movie and convert video to MPEG, AVI, MOV, FLV, SWF, MP3, AAC and any others popular formats. Converting audio file to other audio formats is also available.

Worth a look have a nice day

Hi KeithB and Cliath

I'm always interested in 'Free' software. I very rarely pay for software anymore and I advise my private students to do likewise. It is possible to get free software, off the Internet, for almost anything you want to do, on a computer, these days.

Anything from Operating Systems, to full office suites (which are 'Microsoft' compatible!)

The magazine, which I take, 'ComputerActive' has a download section on their WebSite with dozens and dozens of free applications and utilities.

I thought that you might like to take a look.


:D worcestershire :D
Be careful as some of them are beta (new software, a testing for one to try out), always and I mean always scan for threats like virus or malwares (spywares) If your program detect a threat, get rid of it right away and do another scan just to make sure you gotten rid of what ever is threating your computer. A lot of free antivirus will fight with one another so be sure you know what you are downloading and is agreeing to all your software that you have on your computer. A good practice is to alway scan anything that you download onto your hard drive, anywhere where you save it on, weather it is desk top, documents or My Pictures are stored on your hard drive.
Another advice is, be very very careful with the trial version of any downloads, if you download trial version you will be bombared with emails from those site and any other sites that are topic related to what you are trying out for 30 days, 60 days or 90 days, or any days for that matter, most of them are 30 days trial.
Any downloads you do, are stored into you DLL folder of your registry keys folder, this is how they know that you have download it and the trial periods are up and other site will pick up on it and start e mailing you their version for a period of time and claim that theirs is better.

When this happen I strongly suggest to you to save all your documents(files) somewhere safe and re format your drive, this will clean of any trail version in your DLL folders and they don't know if you tryed it or not, as you set it back to the factory state and your computer is sweaky clean.