TheLadyL wrote: You may add my name to the atrocity list. I understand they have great parties during the holidays.
Laurie :)

LOL what a fabulous post, Laurie. Just what this thread needs!

You're no atrocity, but you're welcome to accompany me at the open mic at the party...
Jake62 wrote:
Applemac wrote: Interesting point Jake. After all we never hear Lucifer's side of the story. We know who supposedly drowned everyone except Noah and his brood, and it wasn't Lucifer. As for looking after his chosen people, they seem to have suffered greatly in the past 3000 years. And what about poor Job, just to prove his love and obedience lost everything, including his health. I'm thinking you might be right Jake.

Thanks for joining the discussion, Mac 8)

You raise some interesting questions.

Consider this... atrocities in the name of God:-

The Crusades
Desert Storm
The Inquisition
Burning of the martyrs
Billy Graham
Pendle Hill
The Tudors
Most of the Plantagenets
Sunday School

Need I go on?

All things that man thought God wanted, not what God requested. God loves his people and yet, most do not seem to get the message. Organized Religion is what you are speaking of, not God.
Tec, I believe the message God was trying to tell.... Humble yourself, repect others? In other words, get off your high horse :P What will happen if you don't? :roll:

Organize religion what I find .. they only take parts of the bible and preach it. Some don't even follow the New Testament, some don't even follow it at all but carry the bible around. Some that follow the old Testament but believe in Jesus figure that one out lol.

I also see a lot of jealousy and greed in the bible. :|

To much politic in organize religion :!:
How can you ask a question like that unless of course you don't know Him, which answers the question. At least for me. Being agnostic means that you are unsure, but if you are His He will surely let ya know!
Listen your gut feeling "bad or good guy".
Do you all realize how many religions worship "A" god? It's like drawing straws to see which one you get to idolize,, too many to choose from in my opinion.. Sorry...........
blackwidow wrote: Do you all realize how many religions worship "A" god? It's like drawing straws to see which one you get to idolize,, too many to choose from in my opinion.. Sorry...........

Hence... to much politics. If you get my drift? :roll: I guess it like people drinking? Some love this kind of drink and some like the other kind of drink? Take a look at how many idolize booze? :? It how one look at life and how to live it?
DUDE. WHO you calling a "GUY"?
The first major false premise that everyone is assuming there is an all-powerful being responsible for the creation of the vast universe yet somehow in the billion of billion of galaxies, within the billion of billion star systems in our system, that intelligent omniscient being would somehow be concerned with our welfare as a species. Besides being nothing more than an exercise in ego, would you really expect a being as evolved compared to us as we are to a colony of ants, to actually be interested in our day-to-day lives? If you really understood the size of the universe, and the amount of star systems within it, you would understand my expression.

Besides that, the biggest conflict between cultures of this world is in the name which we call that God...whether it be Jesus, Mohammad, Yahweh, Allah, Buddha, etc. So if I call the ultimate being Frank..and you call her Gaia, and that guy over there calls him The Dude we definitely should "Cry 'Havoc!,' and let slip the dogs of war."

Personally, I call it time for the Rum Gods to come forth and bring the celebrations to a frenzy!
PSXtreme, it is true that each culture has faith in their own particular God or Gods. You, for example, believe in your Rum Gods. If that helps you feel complete, then it is good. God is subjective: do we believe or not? It is up to ourselves. As an ordained minister, I help divine in others an understanding of their own self in relation to their God. It is a matter of free will - choice.
Some believe, others dont, Some think they are.
Brian is God
billcc wrote: Brian is God

Have you been watching The Life of Brian? :lol: