Golden Years by Oldalan

Now my golden years have begun,
Mother nature with me has fun,
Body hurts, pain up and low,
Head is aching throbbing toe.

My eyesight it is really poor,
Many teeth are missing from my jaw,
My hearing it needs amplification
Digestion is a sad situation.

Knees and elbows always creak,
My throat gets sore I cannot speak,
My hair has nearly disappeared,
And patchy stubble, now my beard.

Too much water in my body,
Ankles swell till they feel soggy;
Doctor says “From booze refrain”,
Such a pleasure what a shame.

Kidney function not so hot,
My libido really shot,
Sex a word not an act,
A pleasure lost, that’s a fact.

Blood pressure goes off the clock,
My arteries hard as a rock.,
My heart and lungs not quite right
Sometime for breath I have to fight

My hip it hurts., elbows as well,
Tablets for the pain repel,
Doctor tells its arthritis
And I’m showing signs of prostatitis

As my tablets they keep on mounting
I have trouble with them counting,
Drops for eyes, inhalers breathing,
Nasal sprays to stop me sneezing

My memory acts so really strange,
Some facts and figures rearrange,
Yesteryear I can recall,
But yesterday, not at all.

I meet people in the street,
“Hello” they say, as me they greet,
Faces familiar I know we’ve met,
But it’s their names I do forget.

But with the help of my computer,
My mobile tablet and a router,
So much I do remember,
Like that 1943 September.

When my oldest friends first I met.
What fun we had no regret,
My life since then is now past,
Hope my golden years will last.