Imagine a plant food that is naturally rich in protein, an excellent source of dietary fiber and, according to Dr. Andrew Weil, has more omega-3 fatty acids than flax seeds. Just a small amount of this food provides energy for long periods of physical exertion (think marathon running). What is this magical food? Chia seeds, of course.

Chia in History

While it may be strange to think of these little seeds (which are about the size of sesame seeds) as a serious source of nutrition and even the foundation of a meal, they were an agriculturally important crop to the ancient Aztecs, even as important as corn, beans, and amaranth, according to the USDA Agricultural Research Service. The state of Chiapas in Mexico is even named after the seed.
I just love it, sprinkle it on my granola cereal.
I have some and I need some good ideas to use them! I have tried on salads in soups and on cereals.