Anyone know anything about pruning grape vines please? Last time I pruned mine I never got a single grape & it was a prolific year for other grape growers
I know quite a lot about grapes
I also lived in Canterbury for some years (Love Lane)
One thing I know is that grapes do have a hard time in Canterbury unless you have a conservatory with "grow light" UV lights. Even then the police may get suspicious thinking you may be growing something else. If you can pass that then it is a piece of cake oops scratch that is a bunch of grapes :D
What kind of grapes do you have? And what is your growing zone?
I am in Saskatchewan and have grapes that are adapted for here. Grapes only grow on the older growth and mine had to establish themselves for a few years before I saw any amount of grapes. There is lots of advice and videos in the internet that shows how to prune grapes. I have valiant and another kind that I cant remember right now, they don't seem to require the aggressive pruning that some others need, or at least that's what I learned in the internet. Some of the pruning that I saw on the internet seemed a bit confusing to me, since my plants were far more overgrown than what I saw there. I have let mine grow quite a bit since I have the room for them, I will just prune them back for the height and width I am looking for and I will prune a bunch of the new growth during the season that gets out of hand. Last year I had enough to make a juice concentrate, and I have made jam, most of them came off the older plant that I have, I have 7 now, lol.
Hope this is of some help to you
Last time I pruned my grapes they bled to death, it was probably the wrong time of year. They were producing too. So I'm planting again because my partner thinks we should. So this time I'm looking for information too.