Just kidding.
Go about your business.
Nothing happening here.

You might not appreciate an actual recipe. Or preparation instructions.

First: squash some green beetles under your boot. Grind them well.

Some spectators are aghast. You're sick, Rod.
ROD,, you are a bit outre for sure,, i read the previous "stopped up: blog.....hey,, ya gotta do what ya gotta do,, take care of your body !! i take care of mine drinking :coors light: it has never let me down yet (until the liver and kidney probs appear). you only live once,, perhaps thrice........cheers !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Outré. Out there. Not conforming to conventional behavior, custom, or style. Because conventional is boring. You take your Addams Family...there was nothing boring about those people. Doesn't matter if 'no one else'. Creativity takes a rare flash. You get to invent your own English, even. Your own grammar. And then you can hammer your grammar. You get to make a rule, then break it...into teenie weenie pieces. There was a grammatical rule I made...and it was irritating me. So I cast it assunder.
Irk. According to my Green Beetle dictionary....asunder has but one s.

It makes more sense to me to have it be...ass-under. Into parts, into different pieces. Apart from each other in position. Including one under your ass. So I hereby officially change the spelling of the word asunder to: assunder. Kindly y'all remember that.