So I was dumb enough to accept some seeds from a stranger. The person who gave me those seeds said: Believe me, these are fun plants.

What bullshit that's turned out to be.

I have been growing only a few, but what a headache. First of all, triffids don't stay put. They move around. Secondly: they are highly venomous. Not the sort of plant you want to take on in a fight, hey. You should never ever turn your back on a triffid.

I feel relatively safe now because I have them all secured behind a few layers of chicken wire. But whenever they look to be trying to escape? Or I hear them moving in the night? I get feeling alarmed. I get thinking...maybe you guys need put down.

I certainly don't mean put down the garbage chute. They could maybe take over this entire building, if I did that.

Here's my plan for putting down my triffids. Any day now.'s your daily water jug, guys. But today it's a special one. Chlorine bleach. I know I'd need to apply it with rubber gloves and a gas mask and goggles and a rubber apron on...'cause they are bound to fight. Then phase two: guess it's snipper time. Then phase three: burn 'em. I won't feel safe or be satisfied until they are ash.

Take my advice. If someone offers you some seeds to make some really fun plants...say NO.
OMG, you are dumb, just read up on them  :shock:    Am dumber than you I did not know they really exist :lol: .    Bloody hell they are scary   :shock:   they can walk, communicate with each other, they come to each others defence, oh and they can kill you.  I have seen the movie  " The day of the triffids " knowing they really exist is worse. I promised my self to stop being nosey, " But did I ? " No , am going to have nightmares now for the rest of my life.  you are right Rod you should never take seeds or beans from a stranger, look what happened to Jack and his beanstalk  :lol:.I don't think bleach will kill them. they might do a runner, burn them ASP  :D
morton1 wrote: "I don't think bleach will kill them."

No, bleach as merely harassing, stunning agent. Get them hacking and mostly blind. Then hit them with the shears. Way less chance of being poked, most cruelly, that way.
There you are  :lol:   had me worried thought they got you  :shock:, they don't have eyes ? just get rid of them before they know what your planing and take revenge on us all  :lol:
I don't know that they have eyes - I don't know that they can see - but they sure act like they can. Maybe they just have an acute sense of smell. If that's what it is, they should appreciate being drenched with bleach all the more.

Thanks for believing me. It means a lot to me. :-)
Nope, they don't have  eyes  :lol:  its the vibration that they follow, so you are going to have to sneak up on them, and don't trip on anything  :shock:  
morton1 wrote: and don't trip on anything.

And how the heck do I manage that? There's major challenge, 'cause I can trip on anything. Cup o' tea...bottle of'm trippin'. It's my natural state.

Hmmm. I just had a thought spasm. I got it figured now.

Thinking about those f***ing things killing me is bound to keep me from trippin'...long enough to get the job done. I just need to focus. Then back to trippin', later.
Rod, as you are doing so much tripping, are you absolutely sure that they are triffids and not magic mushrooms? :shock:

:lol: Gwynnie that is so funny. I have really been enjoying this conversation between morton and Rod. I asked for morton's friendship. She has the same sense of humour you have. Delightful.

I sent out the SWAT and the FBI to find Rod with his triffids. They found him. Someone took a picture of him and he signed his name right there down in the right hand corner. SCARY


by Rob Driscoll
:shock: OMG,  that's not Rod,  that's another guy.  we are all doomed,am having panic attacks. ok ok   I need the magic mushrooms Gwynnie covered in chocolate :D. if am going down I want to go down not knowing they got me. Rod stop messing with them just burn the little suckers before they get you :shock: The FBI might not get to you in time. 
Mort, I found these for you but there are also articles which say that chocolate enhances the effects of magic mushrooms. Maybe don't eat the spotted ones. Better still ask Rod to try them first. :lol: :lol:
Rod, do you have a flame thrower?

Whoo Whoo   Watch out you triffids, I wont feel a thing, Am a tripping  :lol:
Just to let you know Bebeth, did you really think you could fool us  :lol:   we had the   Troll, IT,  or what  ever it likes to be called,  back trying to hide behind the triffids.  Nope am not joking  or tripping . she got her butt kicked out .  oh   I know you will get to read this my sweet little Troll, we know you will be back. the site will do a good job again of kicking your  butt out  :D
gwynnie wrote: Rod, do you have a flame thrower?

This building doesn't allow real Christmas trees. Not that I'd kill a tree just to have Christmas. I'd consider that a sin. (Decorate enough with lights, no tree is hardly even noticeable.)

Amazingly enough, even so...our condo rules say: flame throwers are fine. But you may use one only in your own unit. may not be home-crafted, 'cause the home-brew ones tend to mess up and set people on fire.

I don't have one...because I don't want my TV getting hit with a jet of flaming petroleum every day. It's easier to press Mute. But when I see Hillary Clinton? Oh man...her face gets me longing for a flame thrower.
Rod,  are you missing ?  the bloody triffids got him  :shock: or the Troll.  hey Rod  sending help, hang on mate  :?