Hello, I am new to the forum. I am exhausted just from filling out all the profile details and think I should have made a cup of tea (that cures all ailments) before I set out to post!
I am feeling incredibly lonely. If anyone met me they wouldnt know that this is how I am feeling most of the time. I left my home country 17 years ago and have got myself involved in lots of things in order to make friends. Well, I do know lots of people but havent managed to connect with one or two special friends who you just click with with the exception of one lady. I live in a beautiful part of the world but am beginning to realize that its people that matter the most. I am outgoing, open and am a very loyal person....I am starting to think the "friend making' thing might be more cultural than i realized. I am British but live in Canada. Canadians are very nice. polite people but from my experience dont engage in "banter' and are quite reserved. This is not a bash on anyone, but my observations. I am seriously having my doubts as to whether or not I can continue to live here because of my extreme lonliness. i just dont feel like I am understood and find myself curbing my natural personality to fit in. Has anyone out there had the same experiences? if so, what did you find helped the most? I would love to get to know more people on this site and would welcome any helpful advice. Thanks :D
I tried to send you a message but unable to as I'm not a premium member, do hope you make new friends soon,  Hugs to you 
Hi, I really hope that you do get this message. I am also friendly, outgoing and over the past 10 years have been extemely hurt by a group of women [4] whom I was loyal to, had fun with, went dancing with and thought were my friends. It was about one of the ladies who inherited alot of money and didnt tell te authorities, one of the girls never really liked me in the group and when I would get lots of dances and dates, she would say 'thats only coz youre blonde ' lovely !! anyway, the lady in question, a friend for 20years and not that loyal either and quite mean, she was caught by the Social system for not declaring her wealth.  Because I help  people to fill in forms and worked in that area. They all decided behind my back that it was ME who told the Authorities, so my kindness in helping them to fill forms etc., for which I never got paid, actually was turned against me... They just dumped me. At my age its not easy to be dumped and I went into a terrible depression.    Now , just like you, I had to go and find some single friends, I do have some married friends but theyre busy and you dont get to see them alot. I also have the problem of not having alot of money for soccialising as in fancy Restaurants. I joined various classes and did things and joined womens social groups to try and meet new women friends, like  you, I found that they just werent open to being friends. I'm loyal like you and also quite good fun and a good listener. I realised that many women can be quite bitchy [sorry to those who arent] and I like to make the most of my appearance and feel that s  my own business, anyway I found some of the women were totally into drinking and chasing men, some had very active sex lives [their own business not I didnt want to go out and get drunk] , I found that to have one friend, is better than a network and I feel as you get older is def. is harder. I would think and maybe give Canada anotehr chance. I wish you all the best and know exactly how you feel 
I suggest you ladies should join your local groups in order to communicate with other members in your area. There is a group for Dublin and also for Toronto and Ottawa.. All you need to do is click on "Local groups" under the heading "Groups" and look for your local one!
I am always happy to help any members who need it too.
Hi, I think that you are right- friendship is more of a cultural thing. I have lived in New Zealand for 7 years, originally from England and have now returned to England to live. Luckily I kept in contact with my closest friends there and, when my grandchildren started to arrive in the northern hemisphere decided that the often 40 hour journey was too much, not to mention too expensive. I loved living in NZ, will really miss a lot of it but home is where the heart is? However 17 years is a lot longer than the 7 that I lasted, my advice would be to analise the reasons why you are thinking of returning. Do a pros and cons list, I knew many people who became yoyo movers between the two countries, the grass always being greener on the other side........
hi, I'm new and saw ur earlier post... am looking to meet people on this site as well. Hope things have gotten better for you... :)
Rarely am I at a loss for words as I am now. So many have the same questions, the same need. I have given it some thought and have noticed a few comments. First of all in order to have friends that care if you get up in the morning, you have to give of yourself. You have to be the friend you want your friends to be. I notice a lot of words about not wanting relationships. People true friendship is a relationship.! This should not be brain surgery. But I suggest you look to yourself first. Be that friend you want, extend that smile, extend that hand, and get out there and put yourself on the block. Be known as one that anybody can talk to, lean on, or just smile with. Remember you only get what you give.
I like what LadyL had to say. In order to receive a friend...you definitely have to be a friend. Whatever you put out there is only what your going to get back.

You can have all kinds of friends but the true ones will be there at your lowest and highest times. Give and receive....friends are not about what you can get out of them but what you can give also.

I have met alot of users in my time....when they got what they wanted....you never heard from them again.

So choose your friends wisely! 
Agree, and hopefully this question, with all the input it has had, will not be laid to rest. Hopefully all these questions, and all these answers will help at some point. I think we have became "friends" in here.
I can relate to all that has been said.....when i married I moved to a different part of Ireland.....made a lot of new friends and worked in the community for many years. In the past few years one of my closest friends passed.....another close friend moved to another county....my very best friend now lives half the year in another country......my closest friend is having health and family issues at present so is not always available as she used to be.....my husband of 42 years passed 16 months ago leaving a huge gap in my life. we belonged to a social circle with 5 other couples and my husband is the first from our social circle to pass away which means I am the only single person at social gatherings etc......and it leaves me feeling like a gooseberry.....the dynamics in my social circle have changed since Tom passed ...and so have I and everyone else. most of the time I am comfortable living on my own and I have a good support network in familly and what i term acquaintances....but I still get very lonely and need the company of other adults outside of family. in the past I have been taken for granted by people so I am quite careful in who I want as a friend now.......I am very much into Angels and spirituality and that is my rock to my sanity.. I hope you find at least one good friend you can share things with.....you could maybe look into doing some voluntary work in your area to get to meet other people.....xxx